Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Abbey's Recital :)

Abbey had her dance recital this past weekend. It was so much fun and she is still talking about every detail from the weekend! She was beautiful in her costume and her smile lit up the stage and our hearts as we watched her dance. We love our little princess so much and we are thankful beyond what we can even express to have been able to see her healthy little self dance in her recital :).

Gracie (my niece) and Abbey :)

Practicing in the dressing room.

All smiles waiting to go on stage :).

Several girls from their class.

Right before going on for finale.

2 years ago...

The picture above is from 2 years ago at Gracie's 1st dance recital. Abbey had started dance the fall before and was diagnosed just a few weeks after starting. Needless to say we had to pull her out and our hearts broke that year as she wasn't able to dance in her first recital as we had planned. It's amazing how far she has come from 2 years ago. Looking at this picture and thinking about where we were then makes my heart ache, but watching her this past weekend made our hearts overflow with gladness as she is healthy and happy today. Thank you Jesus for healing our daughter and for bringing our girl so far. Her life is an amazing blessing to us!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And one more thing I love about summer.....

popsicles & ice cream bars :)!