Saturday, August 25, 2007

Baby Micah

Whose Micah? For those of you that don't know, we're pregnant :) The estimated arrival date of our new baby is January 13th. We found out a couple weeks ago that we're having a boy. His first name is Micah, but we're still working on a middle name. Suggestions would be appreciated :)


The Gammons Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That's great news. Another Colbert boy! Also congratulations on the new blog. I'll make sure to add you to our links on our blog.


Older Colberts said...

Wow, I finally was able to get this thing down. I knew I was getting older but oh boy, bloging!

Anyway, everytime I see these little faces I am so thankful and so grateful to be blessed as a grandmom. There's nothing like it.....I can't wait for your little Micah....Wow! By the way, how about Micah Daniel or Micah David....

Much Love