Friday, January 11, 2008

Thank You

It's been a busy, but great week at the Colberts! We have all enjoyed getting to know our new little guy. He is a very sweet, content baby and a wonderful addition to our family. We were so thankful to have Grandmom and Grandpop here for the week. They arrived on Tuesday and headed back home today and they were a huge help with things. Jacob and Abbey enjoyed every minute they spent with them. Grandmom read countless books to Abbey and they spent a lot of time playing with Abbey's little animals. Grandpop and Jacob enjoyed wrestling and rough housing. Jim and his dad also got some jobs done around our house like replacing our hot water tank and fixing some plumbing under the sink. Grandmom did cleaning, cooking and lots of laundry and helped maintain normalcy in our home. We were blessed by having them here and helping with things. We have also been blessed by several great meals from women in our Church. Thank you Grandmom and Grandpop for all your hard work and to all our friends and family who have prepared meals for us and just been wonderful to us as we've welcomed Micah into our lives :)

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The Gammons Family said...

At times of our lives when we feel like we are not going to be able to make it on our own, God seems to always provide people who will come along side of us and care for us. You are blessed to have these people in your life. Again, welcome Micah!