Friday, August 29, 2008


We haven't written much about Jacob lately.  He will be going back to preschool next week and is really looking forward to it.  He turned 5 this summer and we went back and forth with sending him to kindergarten this year, or waiting until next year since he has a late birthday.  We opted for waiting and feel pretty confident that we've made the right decision.  He is very smart and social, but also very much a homebody and we thought 5 days a week would be a lot for him this year.  Everyone we talked to said to wait and we figured we can't hurt him, but only give him an advantage.  The thought of kindergarten next year is crazy... I'm not quite ready to cross that bridge just yet, but we know he'll be ready next year and we will have to be also.  Jacob is maturing so much lately into such a thoughtful, caring boy.  He is so kind to his sister and has such a sweet heart.  Abbey got a late birthday present the other day and as she opened it Jacob said "I'm so excited for you Abbey."  Tonight we were playing memory and Abbey still isn't quite sure how to play, but when it was her turn, Jacob would help her out by telling her which cards were matches.  Then, when she would make a match he would smile and tell her "good job".  Abbey also hurt her eye tonight and as he went to bed he reminded me and daddy to pray for her eye.  At dinner lately he has been thanking me several times during our meal and telling me how good it is (he's going to make some girl so happy someday).  We are so thankful for the blessings of our children and it is such an encouragement to us to see them growing into these neat little people.   

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Jacobs my holm boy!!!
Love the new tunes! I was dancing in my seat.....