Friday, September 12, 2008

Want a Superbowl Ring?

About a month ago, friends of ours, the Cherrys, attended a conference through our church.  During that conference, Je'Rod and Samua felt the Lord move in their hearts to make a huge impact in the world.  They wanted to help in the fight against starvation in Africa.  Just a little background, Je'Rod is a former NFL player of 10 years, and a few of those years were spent with the New England Patriots.  During his time with the Pats, Je'Rod was able to win 3 Superbowls!  Amazing!  Anyway, fastforward to now, Je'Rod and Samua felt the Lord speaking to them at this conference and decided to raffle off Je'Rod's first Superbowl ring from 2002 to help with the fight against starvation.  
So, here's the scoop.  Check out the video above... it will take about 30 seconds to get to the actual video... then you can go to and you can purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win the Superbowl ring.  Tickets are $2, but the minimum number of tickets you can buy is 5.  The Cherry's desire is to make this raffle go nationwide and hopefully raise millions in the fight against hunger.  (Be sure to pause the blog music on the bottom left to hear the video)

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