Friday, January 23, 2009

Abbey's Back

We had a few rough days, but Abbey is feeling much better.  We had to go back to the clinic on Thursday, but they decided not to give her the second dose of antibiotics because her fever came down quickly and she started feeling better.  As of yesterday, the doctors were pretty confident that it wasn't a bacterial infection in her blood and as of today nothing has grown in the culture.  She has been eating a little better (not great, but that's to be expected from her chemo), but some at each meal.  She spent about an hour "reading" her Curious George books on the couch today and snuggling with her pink blanket.  She is definitely our book lover and snuggler! 

Wednesday night on our  way home from the hospital Jim and I were talking about how one of the hardest things for us with Abbey's sickness is how things can change so quickly from second to second.  We have been sailing along pretty good lately with everything being 'normal' (except for the bone marrow scare) and then all of a sudden, she gets sick with a fever and we are rushing back to the hospital.  Those are the times when fears and uncertainty rush into our heads and we need to continually (every second) keep giving her back to God.  It is hard for a fever not to turn into a life and death situation in my mind and I just have to keep focusing on what I know to be true about my God.  He is not caught off guard by these things and He is in control. Wednesday night while holding Abbey tight in that hospital room, I had to guard my mind and focus on Him and not on her sickness.  We are thanking Him tonight that she is home and feeling much better and thanking Him for this precious gift that He has given us :)  


virginia said...

Know that our prayers stand behind you even when you may not be able to focus. There are times when others must fill that gap for you.Isn't God wonderful to provide that for all of us when we need that support!

Sara said...

Isn't this the challenge we all face? You may sense it more intensely because of the road you're on with Abby, but we all need to see more of God and less of our circumstances. Just don't beat yourself up in this process. He knows your frame and remembers that you are dust. We'll keep praying for all of our faith to increase and for God's truth to come home in new ways each day.

Anonymous said...

We are so glad Abbey is feeling better. Hope homeschooling is going well. We love you and miss y'all!

Always praying,

Alicia for the 7

Aggie said...

I am so glad to hear that Abbey is feeling better! We will continue to keep her in prayer daily!

She is so adorable! I love the pictures!

Terri said...

So glad Abbey is feeling better...I love the pics...such a beautiful little girl :)

Keeping her and your entire family in my prayers always...


Andrea said...

Praising God for this great news! My kids and I were sick this past weekend with the flu, and I kept thinking about Abbey and you and Jim and how not feeling well for the next couple of years will be a reality. So I kept praying that her symptoms would lessen and especially that she won't get the sores.

Thankful that God is our Great Physician!

Andrea said...

You guys are in my prayers - big time!


Much love


The Stairs Family said...

Hope everything with Abbey is going well. I guess no update means everything is good! Praying for your family during this difficult time.

Melissa Stairs