Sunday, June 21, 2009

I was going to add this in the post that I did last night, but I was too weepy to write about it then. There are some people who need prayer who God has put in our lives in different ways so would you please pray for them?  

This first story is a family who is continually on my mind and heart.  As you scroll down our blog, on the right side there is a button that says "Pray for Camryn".  Camryn was diagnosed with leukemia back in 2006 and at the end of her treatment she was considered cured and cancer free. Early this year, Camryn had a relapse.  A couple weeks ago she had a second bone marrow transplant (her little brother was her donor) and her and her family are going through this for a second time.  Their family is amazing and each night as I read their blog, I am encouraged and also saddened to see this sweet family have to walk this difficult road again.  Please pray for them as they struggle to watch their sweet girl have to be so sick again from her treatment.  Pray as their family is living in two places until Camryn can come home. And pray that God would continue to carry them every minute of every day as they travel this for a second time.

I also wanted to mention Quinn.  Quinn is the boy who's mom (Allison Clarke) started Flashes of Hope and organized the Kick Ball game with the Inidans and started "Kick-It".  Quinn too was diagnosed with some form of cancer (I'm not sure exactly what) several years back.  At the end of his treatment, he was deemed cured and done.  Last year, another tumor grew and it is more aggressive and rare.  They are in an experimental treatment for him and this time it is going to be harder to beat.

And lastly, I wanted to mention Divine.  I had mentioned her in posts early on when Abbey was first diagnosed.  Divine was in her early 30's and was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer a few years back.  She lost her courageous battle this past week and is now dancing with Jesus.  Please pray for her family and friends as they now have to live their lives without this amazing girl.   


dana said...

Thank you Shelley...I gain so much encouragement from reading about all of Abbey's adventures and your family's return to your new normal. Praying for you...knowing the fear of relapse realized I will be praying for a peace unlike any other for your heart. I don't know if the fear ever goes away, maybe it just gets easier? Not sure, but one thing I do know is that the Lord carries us through those fears.

It's hard to understand, but His presence is enough...even on the hardest days. I feel for you and Abbey with the shots, Camryn's doing okay with hers, but we are hopeful to not have to go home on them. The doctors will order an ECHO when we get close to thinking of going home to see if the clot is there or how they want to progress with treatment...anyways...

Saying a HUGE prayer for Abbey's MRI!

Thanks for your thoughts and are such a friend through this, thank you.


Melissa said...

Well, it looks like you'll need to add Josh to the list. 3 month scan today showed the tumor in his right lung was back, after being gone since week 6 of treatment, in october. You know and we just had that port out thirteen days ago, they'll have to put another one in.

Surgical resection, radiation, and chemo to follow. Don't have a lot of details right now. bummer.

jEnNy said...

I will definitely add them to my prayer list. Thank you for putting that out there for us to pray for. I pray for Abbey too every night.
God Bless,

Terri said...

Praying for all you mentioned well as precious Abbey!

So very sad about the woman in her 30' young :(