Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Little Sunshines :)

Three posts in a week... can you believe it?! I'm on a roll!!

Yesterday we all wore yellow for a little girl named Avalon. She is a leukemia survivor who has had many bad, lasting side effects from her chemo. Yellow is Avalon's favorite color and her mom had asked for people to do something with yellow and take a picture of it and send them to her. I was trying to get on here yesterday to post about it (but never had a chance) with the info so you could do it too. If they do it again, I will be sure to let you all know. Avalon's site is if you get a chance to stop over there and encourage her and her family.

Here's the pics of our clan from yesterday :)

Caleb - 3 months
Micah - 2 years
Abbey - 4 years
Jacob - 6 years

Doesn't yellow just make you smile?! Hope you have a happy day :)

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Cindy Bailey said...

I almost had to put on my sunglasses...the kids look so bright and sunny in yellow. Thanks Shelley for posting the adorable pictures. Are you going to try for 4 posts? God Bless!~