Friday, March 5, 2010

Clinic Day

Today was Abbey's chemo day at clinic. Everything went smoothly. Her numbers were right on and the day went without incident.

I took my camera along to get some pictures of her while we were there. In a way, it's our second home and you can see how comfortable she is. We are all very well taken care of when we go. In a weird way, it's really nice to be there. Knowing that they are thoroughly checking her out, both her blood and by exam just makes me feel good and hearing them say that she looks great is so comforting. The doctors and nurses that work at the clinic genuinely love and care so much about these kids and being with them is like being with family. We truly have grown to love them.

Abbey with her two main doctors :).

We aren't scheduled to go back to clinic for four weeks as long as Abbey has no fevers or other issues. We are now on her 5 day steroid pulse and like always will be glad when it's over.

Thanks for checking in :)!


Cindy Bailey said...

Shelley thanks for the update and the beautiful pictures. It's good to feel so comfortable with the doctors and nurses and staff knowing they have your childs health and best interest at heart. I'm praying that Abbey stays well and that the steroids aren't too hard on her this time around. Have a nice weekend and God Bless!~

Kelly Hunt said...

Glad to hear everything went good today. Abbey looks great! Hope everything goes ok with the steroids this week. Love and prayers!

Anonymous said...

WOW Shelley, GREAT pictures! It is amazing how lucky and blessed you and everyone in Rainbows is to have outstanding Doctors like that!

- Jerrold

Mr. and Mrs. B said...

Shelley--I have been following your blog for awhile now and am so glad to hear how well your sweet little girl is doing. I am a PICU nurse at a Children's Hospital in Amarillo, Texas, and it always does my heart good to hear of kids who are doing well. I have to ask, where did you go to get all of Abbey's hats? We just found out this week that my 5 year old niece has a neuroblastoma. One of her older sister's concerns was that she knows that chemo makes your hair fall out, so I promised Maegan that I would find some really cool hats for Kodi to wear. Thanks--Jennifer

P.S. Your children are ALL absolutely adorable. I love looking at all your pictures!

rosenblad said...

Shelley and Jim-

I was not sure the best way to get this information to you. You may not remember me, but Ann and Jason are my sister and brother-in law. We met at Ben's 1st birthday and I had the pleasure of meeting your wonderful family. I read your blog everyday and have since the beginning. I had some information that I wanted to pass along to you in case you were not aware of it and also in hopes of reaching as many people as possible concerning a very important matter.

One of my closest friends was just contacted yesterday as a possible bone marrow donor for an 11 year old little boy. My friend signed up to be a donor 14 years ago when he was an undergrad and was just contacted as a possible match. The following is an email that I sent out to everyone that I know:

Hello All-

I was speaking with a good friend this evening and wanted to share a short bit of information with you in hopes that you will consider signing yourself up for the bone marrow registry. First, let me begin by saying that a few years ago, my husband, registered as a bone marrow donor as a result of a co worker's illness. Since that time we have not thought anymore about it, until now.

My friend Ryan told me today that he received a call two days ago from who he believed to be a telemarketer. Admittedly, he ignored her until she said, "We think you might be a match." Needles to say, he was astounded and told to her repeat all of what she had just said. Apparently, he had signed up 14 years ago when he was an undergrad at Davidson and like my husband, had given it little to no thought until this moment.

Here is the best part- he is a possible match for an 11 year old little boy! We are all hoping that he is a match and that he is able to give this little boy a second chance at life.

To that end, please check out the following website: Here you will find all the information that you need about registering to become a donor. All that is involved is completing some brief personal information. At the end, it will ask you if you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to aide in helping the organization register new donors. Please do not let this stop you, as you DO NOT have to contribute anything. They will still send you the kit and will still process you as a donor. All that is involved is a simple cheek swab that you send back to them in a pre-paid envelope.

Spread the word to everyone that you know. Please consider this, as you never know at what point in your life that you might be able to save another.

Minna :)

***Shelley and Jim- my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family daily. It brings me such joy to see that happy, loving family that I met over 3 years ago with 2 adorable new additions. Your perseverance and faith is amazing and a testament to us all.