Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spinal Chemo Done!!

Abbey's last spinal is OVER :)!!! The day went as good as can be expected. It was an emotional day for me as my mind was flooded with thoughts and memories over all that she has gone through these past 2 years, but most of what I was feeling was thankfulness for how far we have come and where we are now. Jacob came with us (we let him stay home from school that day) and it was so good to have him there for Abbey to play with and just for us to be together that day as it was a huge milestone for all of us. We blasted some of our favorite worship songs on the way and watching them sing to the music filled my heart to overflowing. They are neat kids and I truly am thankful that God has given me the job of being their mommy!

Abbey and Dr. B at clinic before her IV chemo was given

Abbey and Jacob painting and killing time while waiting for her medicine

I took lots of pictures (below) in the sedation unit. I rarely take my camera out there as there is so much about it that I want to forget, but I know when Abbey is older I will want to be able to show her pictures of everything.

One thing I have noticed about pictures though is that every time I take them and go back and look at them there is something about them that so evidently shows God's goodness and faithfulness to us. Her face always looks so peaceful and calm. Even the pictures from the very beginning when things were so unknown and scary and she was so sick. It is such a reminder to me of how God has carried us through this time and has been so real in our lives through this trial.

The sedation unit is across the hospital from clinic. It's a beautiful unit, but a sad place to be as the faces in each room usually tell a sad story.

These two are best buds!

Getting hooked up to everything before she's sedated

Abbey sleeping peacefully.

It's over! Abbey sipping some hot chocolate as she's always starving when she wakes up!

They always give the kids a special treat when it's done :)

Thank you for praying for her and us last Friday. It felt amazing to walk out of there and know that I will never again have to wait in the hall and stare at the door of her room, waiting for the doctor to come out and say that it's over.

Abbey always starts her steroid pulse for 5 days after her monthly IV chemo. They upped her dose this month because of how much she has grown. It was a rough week for her as she had a horrible headache for three days and felt pretty miserable. They don't know if the headache was from the spinal or the increase in her steroids, but she was on the couch with a blanket over her eyes for those days as the light was really bothering her. It was heartbreaking to watch her feel so crummy. Thankfully, it has passed and the steroids were over as of yesterday so she is starting to feel more like herself. We are getting there and truly cannot wait for it all to be done! For now, we can say goodbye to spinals and soon... goodbye to it all :)!!


Cindy Bailey said...

Shelley, I'm so happy for Abbey and your family that this phase is over. Thank you for walking us thru the last two years and for letting us be a part of your story and family. It's truely a miracle and Abbey has come so far. Amen, God is so good! Many blessings to you Abbey and the rest of your clan. God Bless!

Beth said...

I am crying tears of joy for you and your sweet Abbey that this part of the journey has come to an end!! The pictures that you shared touched my heart, what a sweet girl you have. I am so thankful that she and you do not have to go through that again!!! Our God IS good!!

Abbey's story and the way you tell it continues to bring Glory to our Heavenly Father.

God bless!

Gail said...

Yay for final spinal! Abbey is such a fighter. Glad to hear this part of her treatment is over. Now look forward to the future. Abbey is simply beautiful as is your entire family. May the Lord continue to bless you all.

G Family said...


Keri Bush said...

Praise God! Thanks you Jesus! You Reign Our Most High GOD!!! Love you Colberts.

Ferrick said...

We celebrate this milestone with you! Bella just had her last spinal tap as well on Oct. 7th! Can you even believe this journey is almost behind us? Abbey looks wonderful, these little girls of ours amaze us. Although God did not plan for our girls to have a Leukemia diagnosis, I absolutely can say that there has been more good than bad in the journey and God has been so faithful in all things including healing! So happy to see you are all doing well. I did not notice if you have taken your Make-A-Wish trip yet, we head to Orlando for Disney in May 2011. We are all so looking forward to that as our celebration party!!! blessings and love to all of you.