Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ephesians 6:1-3 (Abbey) & Psalm 100 (Jacob) :)

So I totally said I'd do a post with thoughts to follow my last post and haven't yet! I will... very soon :)!

To sum things up though... we are wonderful! Abbey is doing awesome! Feeling great and we are thankful beyond words to be where we are today!!

I wanted to get on here really quick to add this video of Abbey from yesterday. Jacob learns Bible verses each week for school and Abbey learned this one with him this past week. Click HERE to see Jacob reciting Psalm 100 from last year :). We cherish these moments with our kids!

Pause the music!


Cindy Bailey said...

That is precious! Good job Abbey, well done.:)

Cindy Bailey said...

Shelley I had to come back again and listen to Jacob reciting Psalm 100, it's always been my favorite of the Psalms along with the 23rd. he did an awesome job. You have the sweetest kids!!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us.:)

The Scott Family said...

Great job Abbey! Love her sweet little voice :o)