Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Summer is here in the Colbert home.... well almost :)! Jacob has 2 1/2 days of school left and then it will officially be here, but these last few days have really felt like summer!!

There is a pool in our new development which we have gone to the past couple days. Last night we closed out the pool at 8 and as we sat poolside and ate dinner during the last break of the day, we talked about how it felt like we were on vacation. The pool was a very big deciding factor in buying the house that we are in as we know we will spend countless hours there each summer. I took a minute break last night from catching kids jumping in the pool to snap a couple pictures.

There's nothing quite like summer. I LOVE soaking in the sun, swimming on hot summer nights, not having to get up as early, suntanned skin, laundry that consists of bathing suits and beach towels, picnic lunches, long walks, bon fires, tired out kids, grilling, bleached out hair and daddy's softball games to name a few things. Hope you are enjoying some hot summer weather where you are too!

And one more picture of Jim playing with the kids outside one night this past week. He was giving each of them running piggyback rides and whoever wasn't on his back was chasing him around the yard. This picture captured a moment that I don't ever want to forget. My husband is an amazing daddy to our crew :)!


Anonymous said...

It looks like Jim is having as much fun as the kiddos! That pool looks so nice and refreshing. It sure would feel good as we're in a heat wave here in PA with very high heat and humidity. I love the pics of the kids enjoying jumping into the pool. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us!

Cindy Bailey said...

Sorry Shelley I forgot to sign the last reply!