Thursday, March 29, 2012


So as you can see to the right I have a new button to follow me on Pinterest. I had heard about Pinterest for a while from friends, but was hesitant to join something else as I feel like I don't have much time for the computer these days. I am already on facebook and that, along with trying to keep up with my blog is about as much time as I have for the computer. I decided to give it a try though because of all the good stuff I had heard about it. I have to say that after being on it for about a day I was SOLD on the site. I have been loving all the new recipes, crafts, ideas for our home and activity ideas for the kids! It is a wealth of information on pretty much anything you can think of. From making wreaths (which has been my new 'thing') to themed birthday parties to endless ideas for home decorating to tons of recipes. You name it and you can find a cute, original idea on there! I have made many new meals from there and must say that almost every one has been a hit. And my dining room table is full of lots of crafts that I have learned to do on there :)! I also have some really fun things up my sleeve for the kids for Easter. It has been fun!!

Below are a couple things that I am working on right now. If you're already on Pinterest and you want any of these ideas, follow me and go to my 'Craft ideas Board' and you can see how to make your own! And if you haven't joined yet, I think you'd love it!

These small fabric flowers were super easy and can be used for tons of stuff! I have them grouped together here, but individually they can be used to clip in a little girls hair, as a pin on a plain shirt or glued to cheap flip flops to make them super cute! Put a few on a wrapped present or pin to a purse. The ideas are endless :). Below I put a few on a fabric wreath that I made.

This is a small version of the Valentines Day wreath that I made for my front door. The funny thing is, when I made that wreath I was not yet on Pinterest. I had no idea that step by step instructions were just a click away on that site. These are cute of course for the front door or hang anywhere in your house. Or, I am using this one as a center piece on our kitchen table with a candle in the middle.

And isn't this wreath fun?! It took me 20 minutes to make and I just love the flowers :)! Again, these flowers can be used for tons of things!

And these tissue paper flowers are so easy to make and sooo pretty! Above are large ones and below are small. Perfect decorations for any elegant event to hang from the ceiling or place around the table.

I had been looking for the longest time for a camo lamp for Jacob's room. He has a camo quilt and other camo accents in his room, but I couldn't find a lamp to tie everything in. Pinterest to the rescue :)! I found an easy way to just re-cover the lamp that we already had with camo fabric. This project put me back about $3!

And I had to put this on here too even though this wasn't a Pinterest thing. My Mother in law knitted all the kids blankets for Christmas (below). They are BEAUTIFUL and each so special and unique for each child! Of course when I saw them I wanted to learn how to make one so my Mother in Law patiently taught me how last time she was here :). I have been working on the above one for about a month now and it's slowly, but surely coming along. I'm sure if you don't have someone to teach you, you can learn how to make one on Pinterest :).

Let me know if you have any questions, and Happy Pinning :)!!


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