Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fugitive Caught

I've recently been following a case out of Philly were a veteran Philadelphia Police Officer was murdered when he walked into a robbery in progress. I'm sure my family has been following this a little.
The officer, Charles Cassidy, was alerted to the incident going on inside of a Dunkin Donuts in North Philadelphia on Broad Street. Officer Cassidy entered the store with his gun drawn only to be executed by the robber from 5 feet away. The gunman then grabbed Cassidy's gun, and took of on foot into the streets and on the run. An intensive manhunt eventually revealed the identity of the gunman... John Lewis, from North Philadelphia. After 6 days of all-day and all-night searches, Lewis was found hiding in a homeless shelter in Miami, Florida today.
I was following this story closely and I am glad to see that this killer will be brought to justice. It was of interest to me because it happened in my hometown, in an area I am familiar with, and because I am a police officer as all of you know. This murder of Officer Cassidy was the 3rd shooting of a Philadelphia Police Officer within a 4-day span. That city is setting a record for homicides this year. The Police Commisioner, Sylvester Johnson, was quoted as saying that the city of Philadelphia has a "gun problem." WHAT? He's an idiot. The guns are not the thing that are killing people at an alarming rate... THE PEOPLE WHO SHOOT THE GUNS ARE!!!!!!! You would think that a law enforcement officer would know this.
Our world needs Jesus badly!

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Colbert Family said...

I just noticed in the story that the Philly cops who went to arrest Lewis used Cassidy's cuffs to handcuff him. That's awesome!