Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We Are Thankful For Daddy

We all anxiously await our time with daddy each day. Whether Jim is playing with the kids, or we are all just spending time together talking and hanging out, we love when he's home. Even though his schedule is crazy and changes often, he always puts us as a priority and we are so thankful for him this Thanksgiving and always. I don't know how he goes from working midnights and sleeping when everyone else is up to working 3pm-11pm, then switching to day shift and getting up at 5:30am, but he does it without ever complaining. We are blessed to have him and are thankful for how he provides for us in so many ways. God is good and has richly blessed our family and we are so thankful for his many provisions for us.


The Gammons Family said...

You are a blessed family. A dad who loves his kids and loves his wife even more is a rare thing. God has blessed you all. Way to go Jim! It is always good to see other men out there working the grind well.


Colbert Family said...

I am thankful for a family that adjusts to my schedule and makes it a little easier to do what I do. I'm also thankful that my Maker abundantly blesses me with his grace every day! I love you Shelley, Jacob, Abigail, (and Micah too!).