Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Experimenting with our Mac

Today I was playing around with a couple pictures using the iphoto program on our Mac.  You can do a lot of neat stuff like making the edges blurry on pictures and doing a lot with color and borders.  Here are a couple pictures of Micah that I was experimenting with.  He will be three months old on Friday.  He is really starting to get into a fun stage where he is responding to us so much more.  He is getting more active and playful and is so much fun to have around.


Colbert Family said...

These pics are great. The one on the left is cool looking... and not just b/c Micah is in it!


Anonymous said...

hey shell...hope things are going well this week. we'll be thinking of you. the pics are too cute, i can't believe micah will be 3 months already. we'll be celebrating claire's first this weekend! i can't believe it. anyway, got some clothes for jacob...what size does he wear now? love ya and miss y'all


Colbert Family said...

Hi Alicia,
We're doing pretty good this week. We are anxious for Jim to get home though! I can't believe Claire will be 1 already... time flies! Jacob is in mostly 4t now and some 5t. Thanks a bunch! Talk to you soon.

Love, Shelley

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks to me as if everyone is having an awful lot of fun out there in the midwest...Shelley you are doing a great job with the pictures, you are a regular techy...Miss you all and am praying for you.

Much Love