Monday, July 28, 2008

Abigail Rae

Abbey doodle, Abbey Rae Rae... our little girl is going to be three in about a week.  We were looking at some old pictures of her and just can't believe how fast she is growing. Anyone that knows Abbey, knows that she is 100% girl.  When she was learning her colors, she would only acknowledge pink and purple for the longest time.  She had selective color learning.  She is very into clothes and shoes and loves anything girly.  She loves animals and being read to.  She is a good eater and loves to be held by Shelley.  You will often hear her say "look mommy and daddy" while she's holding up a foot in some way or doing a silly pose.  She is very loved and we are so thankful for our little girl.  Here are some old and recent pictures of her.  


Keri said...

Precious! If you would like to take her to a cute little place that will tickle a girly girls' heart, try Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson. They have the best Cupcakes in the world and priced no more than $2.50 each. She could get dressed up in her girliest clothes, and enjoy a cupcake her size with milk. We are doing that for Brittany's birthday in a month. With a few friends, it is still budget friendly. I would suggest go early in the day as they sell out frequently and close. I'm doing a wedding that they are doing and found out about them from the Bride and Groom. Unique to have a cupcake tower for the wedding cake! I remember when you were pregnant for her. We love you guys! Happy birthday Abby! Love, The Bush's

Anonymous said...

My heart is ready to burst with joy at that face!!!!!