Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Jacob

Yesterday we had Jacob's birthday party at our house and tomorrow we will be celebrating his actual birthday.  We had a wonderful weekend celebrating our first born.  Jim's parents came into town on Friday.  We had a great weekend and as always enjoyed our time with them.  We were busy preparing for the party, but also had some great talks and good laughs.  Jim's dad was able to ride with Jim for a whole shift and they really enjoyed their time together.  Jacob's party was a blast.  We all had a great time and enjoyed watching him interact with everyone and just celebrating him.  He has been very into army stuff so he wanted a camo party.  Here are a few pics from his party (to see all the pictures, watch the slideshow to the left).  Tomorrow we will spend the day as a family.  Jim is off so we will be able to hang out all day.  Jacob's only request for tomorrow was that we have his favorite dinner... chinese - chicken with broccoli and white rice (extra sauce to put on his rice) and a fortune cookie for dessert.  So, that we will definitely do :)        

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john larson said...

Happy birthday, Jacob! We wish we could have partied with you, but we were definitely with you in spirit. Oh, and you should have a surprise from us in the mail by this weekend.


Uncle John, Aunt Alicia, and all the Larson cousins.