Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quick Update

Abbey had a great day today.  Her best in a long time.  She was smiling pretty much from the time she woke up and laughed at little things all day long.  We think she was making up for not smiling or laughing for a couple weeks because she had a lot in there that came out today.  That sparkle in her eyes was back.  It was a gift.  We will never take that smile or sparkle for granted again.

The nurse called around 4:30 to let us know that at that point they didn't see any signs of infection in her blood, but she explained to us that they will allow the blood to be in this container thing again overnight to see if anything grows by tomorrow.  I guess the earliest they look is after 24 hours, but it is better to wait longer (does that make sense?).  She has had no fevers today so we feel pretty confident that she is o.k. We're not sure what that on and off fever was for a couple days, but we are just thankful that it's gone.  The nurse will call us again tomorrow.

Abbey wanted to play today.  It is the first time that she wanted to get off the couch and go into other rooms.  She is very weak and having a really hard time walking.  She was walking a little in the morning (while holding my hands), but after a few minutes her knees starting getting weak and she would fall to her knees then bottom.  She wanted so badly to get around that at one point she was crawling.  It was sad to see her so weak, but encouraging that she was determined to play today and get off the couch.  Some of the side effects from the chemo is muscle weakness and joint pain.  She also hasn't walked at all in weeks so her muscles have just really weakened from no use. The nurse gave me some exercises to do with her legs to help strengthen them.  We did some tonight and she thought they were pretty cool.

Tonight is also the first night that she has wanted to sleep in her beautiful, new bedroom.  Jim and I have been sleeping in the living room on an air mattress and she has been on the couch, but earlier today she said she wanted to sleep in her bed tonight.  She is sound asleep in her princess bed now and we think it's pretty fitting since she's our little princess :).  We'll see if she makes it all night in there alone (or if I make it all night not being right by her side).

Thank you again for following our journey and for praying with us. We feel blessed beyond words by you.  We have been covered in prayer and very well taken care of by our family and friends and we couldn't be doing this without all of you.  We have seen God at work in many lives through our little Abbey's story.  She is going to have an amazing testimony to share one day.......  

Bye for now... we're off to sleep in our bed...


The Gammons Family said...

Jim and Shelley,
We got the bracelets in the mail last night. Amanda and I both have them on and are looking forward to having them as a reminder to keep you in our prayers. Thanks so much for keeping your blog up so that we can know how things are. We will look forward to hearing more about Abbey's progress.

The Gammonses

Anonymous said...

Reading the last few blogs is
MUSIC to my ears!! I can see her SMILES and hear her LAUGH in my head. I'm sure sleeping in your own beds was also an amazing feeling. I hope it helped you guys rest easier.
I've seen those exercises work, so like the GREAT MOTHER/FATHER you are, I don’t need to tell you to keep doing them twice a day. With her tuff little body and determined spirit, she'll be running around in no time...
As for the blood culture, there is a small reason, but if nothing was noted within the first 24hrs, DON'T WORRY about it, she’s fine....

Love, SO09

The Rosses said...

It's so great to hear about Abbey's sparkly eyes and smile...what a beautiful thing that must be for you to see. We're praying for her day and night. Thank you for sending the bracelets. Not only do they remind us to pray for Abbey and the family, but they also remind us to love on our girls even more.
Steve and Amy Ross

Anonymous said...

Jim & Shelley,

We are so excited that sweet Abbey is back! Please send pictures soon. : ) We love y'all.


Anonymous said...

I know this is a couple days after your posting, but this is the word that the Lord gave me for you today...
Isaiah 40
29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.
30 Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall;
31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

I think I may have given you that verse before, I can't remember. Abbey will soar!

Also, it is customary for labs to follow blood cultures for 3-5 days before they decide it is not growing anything!

We love you! We continually pray for you!

the Ortega's

Anonymous said...

I sure hope everyone slept well lasat night because you all deserve it. Our hearts are filled with joy when we think of Abby smiling and playing again. When looking up Joy in my bible James 1:2 is shown and it has sure been displayed by you and Jim.
"Dear Brothers and Sisters, whenever trouble comes your way, let it e an opportunity for joy" it says troubles reminds us of two things.. 1) they remind us that this is a fallen world full of futility and frustration 2) they remind us to turn to God who will never disappoint us. God promises lasting joy for all those who believe in him. This kind of joy stays with us despite our problems.
Thank you Colberts for being such great examples of Gods Love and the Joy that he has given us.

Greers said...

Taking it that your lack of postings is a great sign, right? So fun to picture Abbey smiling and taking walks, etc!!!

Our 4 year old, Keith-took one of Abbey's bracelets and handed it to our friend who stopped by and said, "Will you please pray for our friend who is sick?" He's recruiting others to lift you guys up for the next 2 years of medication!!!