Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back to the Clinic

Tomorrow (Friday) we are headed back to the clinic to see if Abbey's neutraphils (infection fighting part of white blood cells) are high enough to start the next phase of her treatment.  Last Friday they were low and they said that she had no monocytes (these turn into neutraphils) so they said they would be surprised if her numbers would go up enough in one week.  If they again are too low, then she will not get any chemo for another week.  It will be nice for her to continue to have this break and not have these new chemos right before Christmas, but it's not good for her numbers to be low because her immune system is low and her body is for some reason not recuperating from the last phase as quickly as it should be (or her body is fighting something off).  We know this is one of those things that's out of our hands so we will just wait and see and trust in God's plan for her this week and accept whatever happens.  

A few days ago I got some new sweatshirts for leukemia awareness.  There's something about wearing an orange ribbon or something to support our Abbey that makes us feel better.  It's almost like I just want to scream on a mountaintop how amazing I think my little girl is and how much I adore her.  She is a trooper and continues to amaze us.  Tonight we told her we were going back to the clinic tomorrow and she actually seemed excited.  We are taking Jacob and Micah with us and Abbey always likes it when Jacob is there to play games with her and make trips back and forth to the toy closet. 

I also wanted to post a couple new pics of the boys.  Before Abbey got sick we used our blog to write about what's new with our family and sometimes I feel bad that I don't mention the boys nearly as much as we talk about Abbey.  As you know we now use our blog to update you all on her progress, but we want you to know that we adore our boys too with all our hearts.  Each of our kids are equally special to us and they each bring us so much joy.  Jacob and Micah truly have been troopers and we are so proud of our little guys.  We have said so many times that we are so thankful that we have three kids as we go through this because we are home so much and it is nice that they have each other to play with.  We have always wanted a large family and we pray that down the road, we can add at least one more Colbert kid to the mix.  For now we are just so thankful for the three amazing kids that we have.  We truly are a blessed family.  


daisy2biker said...

I will be praying for today Abbey's numbers to be up! Love the pictures. Thanks for keeping us updated on the whole family! Love and prayers your way.


Sarah said...

Praying for you -especially today and the upcoming week.


Keri Bush said...

I'm praying for Abbey's numbers. I know you adore your boys, I don't think anyone could doubt that. You don't show any favortism to Abbey. You inspire me with your patience, love, creativity, and energy towards your children. I have seen you support Abbey and be right by her side all the while you do the same for the boys. I love you. Keri

The Gammons Family said...

I am the youngest in my family. Growing up I watched my siblings go through a number of different difficult things. I think that God used these experiences in my life in many different ways. God will use the experience of watching you and Abbey suffer in the lives of your boys. He will be faithful to use this to draw them unto Himself. That is what I am praying for them and for you today.


Anonymous said...

I love the new pictures! I can't believe how big Micah has gotten. Remember the Christmas pagaent a few years back when Jacob was baby Jesus and my Alyssa was the sheep? I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. I've been praying for Abbey's numbers to go up so that she'll be able to go on with her treatment.