Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It is hard to believe that it has been two months today since Abbey was diagnosed.  I don't think there are words to describe all the emotions and ups and downs that we've experienced, but God has been faithful since day one and we know He will continue to be faithful as we continue on.    

I have been looking forward to this time all day.  I am sitting in a perfectly quiet house, in a dim room with only the lights from our Christmas tree.  Abbey fell asleep on the couch next to me so as I sit here I love being able to look at her sweet little face while she sleeps.  I just finished praying over her because she hasn't been feeling well tonight.  She was laying on the couch a good amount of the night and was complaining of belly pain and saying she felt like she was going to throw up.  I gave her some nausea medicine a little while ago and it seemed to help since she is now sleeping peacefully.  I took her temperature several times also (I get a little obsessive sometimes with it and have to make myself wait 30 minutes in between taking it) and she wasn't running a fever so I am praying that one doesn't come on as she sleeps tonight and that she would wake up in the morning feeling good.  Jim went out for a little bit tonight with our pastor and another good friend from church so I have some time to post some new things.

I first wanted to say thank you so much for all your comments a couple posts ago.  We really enjoyed reading things about you all and getting to know you.  Many of you have children that are right around the same ages as our kids so we have an instant connection and in a way we know you can kind of imagine what we're going through.  The way you have reached out and encouraged us has been amazing.  We now know that others of you are also being affected by cancer, or other serious illnesses and as I sat and read your comments I prayed for each one of you.  We feel your pain and want to be here for you guys as you've been here for us.  Please continue to share ways that we can pray for you as we continue on.  

I have been itching to post the pictures above of Abbey's Christmas tree and her with the orange ribbon.  We asked her a couple weeks ago if she'd want to do an all orange tree this year for her bedroom and she liked the idea, so we decorated it all in orange with an orange ribbon on the top (for leukemia support and awareness).  We have felt a burden to do something for leukemia awareness/support so please pray for us as we are trying to figure out what that might be.  We know God has a plan for why we are going through this and we are open to whatever He wants us to do, both now and in the future.

The last couple weeks, Abbey has been feeling really good (aside from whatever was going on tonight).  Our clinic days have been going well.  We went yesterday and the way that Abbey handles all that goes on while we're there is amazing.  It can only be by the peace that God is giving her that she can go in there with a smile and get through our days there with such grace.  While my in-laws were in town, they came with us to the clinic the one day and that day I realized once again how amazing it is to see her go through it. My mother-in-law was in tears as she expressed her disbelief in seeing how Abbey handles all that she has to go through when we're at the hospital.  It is emotionally draining and exhausting, but also a time where we feel God's presence with us and see how He is getting us through this difficult time.  

**A little while ago, while I was writing, Abbey woke up crying and feeling very sick.  She is now sleeping again so please pray that she would be feeling better tomorrow... we're not quite sure what's causing her to be feeling so sick tonight.  



Marz said...

I am praying for Abbey tonight! Thank you for praying for Natalie, that means so much. Thank you for sharing your story, so that as a friend to the family, I can know what their next two months might look like. It helps so much.

Keri Bush said...

Thank you for the update Shelley, I am praying for you and love you so much. I'm praying that Abbey woke up smiling and feeling well. Love you, Keri

The Rosses said...

Thank you for the updates. I'm praying for wisdom as you decide how to promote/support awareness. I know how hard it is to figure out your place in the fight against "your" disease. I pray that God will guide you to do just what He has set aside for you to do. Let me know if I can help in anyway. love, Amy

Divine said...

Hi Shelly and family,

First of all I wont to tell you your attitude twards this all is so humbling. I am so impressed with your faith and you truly help mine as I read and feel your trust in the Lord. I am so proud of you all and Abbey...all she is going through and still smiling. It amazes me how kids are so much stronger than adults in these situations. I am so glad and happy that Abbey has you and such a great support syestem. All the people praying and the fact you are using all this to glorify God. How terrible it is, yet you see and use this to show others of Gods grace and comfort that you feel. The picture of Abbey holding up her ribbion is so very sweet. I am praying for you all! Hang in there. F.R.O.G --forever rely on God. peace.love.heal. Divine