Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Monday was Jacob's first day of kindergarten. It's so hard to believe that our first born is old enough to be in school. His first couple days have been great. He was a little nervous on Monday, but also very excited and he went right in his class without hesitation. His main concern was that he wouldn't know where to go when we got there, but I assured him several times that I would be walking him to his class. The first two weeks are the "honeymoon time" where parents can walk their kids to class and make sure they are settled before leaving. He seemed pretty comfortable when I left and I had to make myself walk out that door.

I did pretty good until I got out in the hallway after dropping him off and then the tears flowed (I held it back as much as possible until I got to the van). I felt much better when I went to pick him up though and he had a big smile on his face. He has only had good things to say about his days so far so we are thankful for that. Jacob is our social kid and adjusts quickly to new settings so I think this school thing will be good for him. He was so cute on Tuesday when he came home. He is my encourager and reassures me when something concerns me. I have been feeling like the days will be really long for him as he loves to be home and it's a big change going from being home all the time to being in school 5 days a week from 8:30-3:00, but right when we got in the van on Monday, he said that the day went really fast and it didn't seem long at all. That was a relief to hear.

This is a big adjustment for all of us as Jacob has been home for a year now. He went to preschool two years ago for three days a week in the morning and last year he started a second year of preschool, but in early October we pulled him out very soon after Abbey was diagnosed to keep our home and family as "sick/germ free" as possible. We are so thankful that we decided to wait a year before starting kindergarten last year as he's a July birthday so we could have sent him to K last year if we wanted. It was totally a God thing that we waited because last August we had no idea what was in store for us just a couple months later, but looking back it would have been way too much for him to be in school with all that we went through with Abbey. He is ready now though and we are very excited for all that is in store for him this year with school.

Hope you're all adjusting well to your little ones (or big ones) being back in school! Summer sure did fly by and I know as our kids get older time will go faster and faster. Onto a new season in life and looking forward to all that God has in store for our family as we enter this new chapter of school :)


Beth said...

Glad to hear that Jacob had a great first day of school!

Thanks for all your support and information about homeschooling!! We truly appreciate it!


Cindy Bailey said...

Aww! Jacob looks very comfortable sitting in his chair in school. I wish him a good year and hope that he enjoys his time in kindergarten.

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G Family said...

HOORAY for Kindergarten!