Friday, August 28, 2009

What a week it has been! Jacob finished his first week of kindergarten and did wonderfully! It is so nice to have this first week under our belts! Jacob is adjusting beautifully and each day comes home with lots of his work to show us and many things to tell us about. Last night was parent/teacher orientation and I must say that his teacher is just wonderful! I left his classroom with a huge smile on my face as I am so excited to see how he will grow so much this year both in wisdom and in his faith. He is looking older to me this week and I see his daddy in him so much lately (those of you who know us well, isn't he a little Jim!)! We are so proud of our Jacob!

Today we went to clinic for Abbey's numbers to be checked. They continue to be nice and high! She has been feeling great and has been so active. Our nurse Kathy who is like family to us at this point was so sweet today as she talked about how comfortable and well adjusted Abbey is when we're there. Abbey has been "helping" Kathy draw her blood and flush her port. It is amazing how far she's come! I used to be terrified of her port (as Abbey was too) and every time they did anything with it, it would cause instant panic, but now it's like second nature to see her accessed and the port being used. Only by God's grace could something so foreign and scary be so o.k.

Barb, the Nurse Practitioner examining Abbey at clinic today.

Abbey playing catch with Buddy and Bev.

Notice Abbey's flower in her hair and beautiful bracelets on her wrists?! We got a wonderful package of homemade gifts from Amanda and Cameron from Utah (followers of Abbey's journey through our blog) and she LOVES her gifts! She has a flower for her hair to match every outfit and there were also headwraps, hats and bracelets in the package! Thank you so very much Amanda and Cameron! When we are in public I can't tell you how often people think Abbey is a boy (yes, even with girly, pink and purple clothes on) and comment on my three boys and it always makes me so sad for Abbey. After everything she's been through, she is reminded often in public that she's different. These flowers will definitely help these people see that she is ALL girl.

And I always feel bad when I have updates on Jacob and Abbey and not Micah... so here's a fun picture of Micah from the week. He is growing fast and saying tons of words lately. He says "Abbey" "Jake" "mommy" and "daddy" all day long. He also will try to say pretty much anything that we ask him to that's been fun. He LOVES balls and has quite an arm on him. He pretty much turns everything and anything into a ball, a bat, a hockey stick or some other sports equipment. It is very normal to look over at him during mealtime and see him using his spoon as a bat and his food as little balls. We are still working on manners with this one :)....

Well, we are excited for a restful weekend ahead. Jim is off all weekend (which is a treat with his rotating days off) and it will be nice for Jacob to be home all day. He gave me a break tonight and did baths, snacks, books and is now getting the kids to bed (and I just got to sit here and do the blog :) We have a good movie to watch once the kids are in bed and some good snacks to share. Hope you all have a great weekend :)


Keri Bush said...

Enjoy your weekend and time together. Abbey is 100% girl, we ALL know that. She looks beautiful. They all are growing up so beautifully. Love and Hugs to you, Keri

Cindy Bailey said...

Shelley, glad that the first week is past and that Jacob has adjusted so well to school. He's such a cutie, and even though I don't know you guys personally...he definitely looks like your husband. All three of your children are adorable. Thanks for the update and for sharing your family with us. Enjoy the weekend! God Bless!~

The Bennett Bunch said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad that you got them!!! And I'm SO glad that Abbey is enjoying everything!!! Please let me know if you ever need any other colors or things!!! And sorry that it took me SO LONG to finally get them out to you! I have never had such a CRAZY summer before! Our prayers are with your little family!!!

Jasmine said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and I've fallen in love with Abbey and all of your kids :)I think of Abbey often. My son is almost exactly the same age as Micah and I'm expecting my 2nd in December... so I enjoy reading all of your updates on your kids and on your expected baby :)

P.S. I think Abbey looks like a girl all around! She is adorable!

daisy2biker said...

Love the pics and the updates on all the kids! Hope you were really able to enjoy your weekend! And yes I will second that about Micah making anything into a ball. lol. Cracks me up. Such sweet kids. Love you guys.

angela gore said...

Abbey looked just beautiful in her flower on Sunday! She is such a sweetheart. Jacob looks so grown up, wow! Zeke and I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your new pictures! We're keeping Abbey and all of you in our prayers! God bless you abundantly!