Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hi :)

I am working on a post for tonight about something
that we are very excited about! God has surrounded us with so many amazing people as we've gone through this time with our Abbey and tonight we are going to share with you about a guy named Mitchel and his dance company that is doing a whole show called "Praying For Abbey." I will give you all the details later, so be checking back to see a video with details about the dance company and show. It is going to be amazing and we are so thankful and excited!

It again has been forever since I posted anything so wanted to get on really quick and put up a couple pictures from this past week. Caleb is doing great! He is so sweet and quite possibly the best baby ever. He reminds me so much of Abbey when she was a newborn. Very content and a great sleeper right from the start :). And I have been amazed at how helpful little hands can be! Abbey is like a little mommy around here and has helped in so many ways. She holds Caleb on the couch often and sits with him whenever I am busy, holding his paci in his mouth. We often hear Abbey saying things like "if he starts crying, rub his feet and legs. He likes when you do this." She gets me things when I'm feeding him and is always willing to help.

Abbey has been feeling great. We didn't have to go to clinic this past Friday which was so nice. We go back this Friday just for a numbers check and to make sure her oral chemo is the right dose. She finished up her 5 days of monthly steroids last week so we're always glad when those are done! Jake and Micah are also both doing well. Yesterday when I was picking Jacob up from school, one of the mom's of a little girl from his class came up to me and told me that her daughter is very fond of Jacob. She said that a couple nights ago her daughter drew a picture of herself and a boy. Her mom asked her what the picture was of and she said it was of her and Jacob getting married. It is now hanging in their dining room. I thought it was so cute. Jacob is really enjoying school and is growing in many ways. We're proud of him :)

Thanks for checking in! Hope you're all having a great fall and be sure to check back later to find out about the "Praying for Abbey" show :)!


Cindy Bailey said...

Shelley thanks for the update! Micah sure does have beautiful eyes...they almost make me melt...all of your children are so precious and so photogenic. Glad that Abbey continues to do well and it's nice to know she's a great big sister and helping so much with Caleb. I'm sure your hands are full these days.:) Cute story about Jacob's admirer. Kids that age are so funny! Will be looking forward to the special news later....God Bless!~

Dave & Melissa Gabler said...

This picture of Micah is amazing...you are getting soooo good with your pics!! Before we know it you will be a professional!!
I cant say enough how excited we are about the show...i know weve been talking about it but im so stoked Leyton keeps asking to watch the 'shelley show' over and over:)!! We will be so honored to be there that night. Buying the tickets today...!

Aggie said...

Praising God for more great news. Glad that you are all well and especially that Abbey in feeling well.

Andrea said...

Hi Shelley-
Glad to hear the kids are all doing well. They are all so beautiful and puts me in awe are how masterful God is as Creator. Looking forward to hearing more about the dance show!

Love in Christ,