Saturday, November 7, 2009

We're Still Here :)

Hi! We're still here.... So sorry it has taken me forever to get back on to do a post. I know you all understand, but we have so many faithful followers that I know check in often and I'm sure you're wondering how things have been lately :)

Life with our little Caleb has been great! Our transition to 4 has been pretty easy so far. He is a very content baby and as long as he has a full belly, he's happy. I have lots of help this time around as Jacob and Abbey have both really stepped into the "older kid" role and they have been a huge help.
He has been sleeping great and doing 4-6 hour stretches each night. We never had a newborn sleep so good this early on so we are very thankful for that. He is eating good, and all I can say about that is that I'm really glad to be past our first week of nursing. The first week has been hard with each of our kids, but this may have been my toughest start. I'm happy to say that we are past the toe curling, 'take your breath away' part though. Have any of you mommies been there? Always the hardest part about having a newborn for me at first, but so thankful to be past it and that we both know what we're doing now :)!

The kids each are so cute with him. Jacob loves to look at him and talks about him often to me, but doesn't want to hold him much. Abbey on the other hand holds him as much as we'll let her. I put blankets all around her on the couch and prop him up in her arms. She has sat like that for hours over this past week. She loves holding his hands and kissing his cheeks. Micah too likes holding him and lightly touching his head while he's in the swing. They have all adjusted well and I don't think any of us can imagine life without him already :)

Abbey had clinic on Friday and her numbers looked great. Her ANC was over 1400. She had her monthly chemo in her port and her spinal tap and chemo in her spine which she gets every three months. She was a champ like always and handles it all so well. She is on her 5 days of steroids right now, so as always we will be glad once Wednesday is here and she is done with them. She is feeling good though and we've had no more fevers. Everyone is healthy in our home and other than Jim going to work and Jacob going to school, we are home. Trying our best to keep everyone healthy and praying for God's continued protection over our family from sickness.

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments after Caleb was born :)! And thanks for checking in :)!


Emily said...

Beautiful family! It looks like Caleb fits in so naturally. I'm so so happy for all of you :)

Sewconsult said...

Such a wonderful family. So glad that things are going so well. So sweet to see such a beautiful smile on Abby.

Aggie said...

The pictures of the "big kids" with Caleb are amazing! I especially love the one of Micah and Caleb. How sweet!

What a beautiful family you have! Praise God you are ALL doing so well!

Beth said...

Oh how I can relate to that first week of nursing!! Glad you made it through, praying for easy sailing from here on out!!

Sleeping 4-6 hours....go Caleb!!! Wow, don't you just love that!!

So glad that everyone is transitioning well!!

Blessings to you!

Kimee Burke said...

Hi Colbert's! I am always checking in to see beauitful pictures and reading about you guys. Love you guys so much!!! kimee!