Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer is Almost Here :)

We have lots to look forward to here! Tomorrow will officially kick off summer in our home as Jacob's last day of school is today :)! Tonight he will be graduating from kindergarten. It's so hard to believe that our firstborn is already done with kindergarten.... I have my tissues ready to go! It's amazing how fast this year has flown by and we are so very proud of Jacob for his hard work this year in school and for how he has grown in so many ways.

We are all anticipating the summer ahead! Sleeping in, t-ball games, going to the pool, making smores over our fire pit, cookouts, birthdays, a trip to the shore with grandmom and grandpop, Abbey's dance recital, Jim getting his police job back (hopefully!) to name a few things...

We've had some fires already in our backyard :)

This weekend is Relay for Life. We are excited to once again be a part of it and to walk with Abbey as she takes her survivor lap with 2 balloons this year :)!

A couple pictures from last years Relay for Life :)

And next weekend is Abbey's dance recital. She is beyond excited! Grandmom and Grandpop are coming into town next week from Philly so they will be here for her show. Once again... I will be taking plenty of tissues!

Abbey and her cousin and bff Gracie in their costumes :). Aren't they so precious?!

And a quick update on Jim & Abbey... Jim continues to work Monday through Friday for the exterminating company. He has jumped right into this new job and somedays he is working more than 12 hour days. One things for sure... we will never have to worry about not having food on our table or a roof over our heads. Jim has put his all into this new job set before him and although he is missing his Police work, he is working hard to take care of the 6 of us. We continue to be hopeful that he will be back to policing in Pepper Pike by the end of the summer.

And Abbey has been feeling great! She had clinic last Friday and her numbers were beautiful. She got her monthly chemo in her port and she just finished her 5 days of steroids - yay! We don't have to go back for a whole month :).

Thanks for checking in on us and for your continued prayers for our family! Love to you all :)!


dana said...

So glad to hear that Abbey is doing well and that your family is ready for the fullness of summer. Much love and many thoughts of you!

~ Dana

Beth said...

What an exciting summer you have ahead of you, full of blessings!! Beyond happy to hear that Abbey is doing so well and gets to carry her 2 balloons this year at the walk!!


daisy2biker said...

It was great hanging out with you guys at Relay! So proud of Abbey she & Gracie was the hit of the popcorn sales! :) Can't wait to see pictures from her recital.

Anonymous said...

I will sleep on the floor, deck, and/or water float...