Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where in the world have we been??

Have you ever felt like you're a chicken with your head cut off? That's kind of how I have felt lately!

BUT.... we have some wonderful news to share soon! Here's a hint for you while you wait... can you guess where we're standing? Details to come soon :)!


The Stairs Family said...

New house!!!

Cindy Bailey said...

Oh my heavens! I think it looks like a new and much larger house. Praise the Lord!!!:)I can hardly wait to see more pictures and also to read all about it.

Beth said...

In your new house I hope!!!!

Blessing to you!!!


The Mrs. said...

Has to be a new house!!!

Bethany said...

I knew it :) NEW HOUSE!?!?!?!?! Woohoo! I'm so excited for you all!