Thursday, September 9, 2010

Giddy With Excitement!

So all of you guessers were right! Yes, we're moving!!! We are giddy with excitement here!

Jim and I bought our first home 8 years ago and it has been a wonderful little house for us. We started as 2, then a year later went to 3 and now eight years later we have filled this 1300 sq. ft. home to the max with the 6 of us. We have had a couple go's at trying to sell this house over the past few years, but nothing had panned out to sell it. We've had some interest and even an offer, but after hearing nothing after 2nd showings, then a buyers loan falling through we decided to think about renting. A few months back we got hooked up with an awesome realtor (if you're looking for someone, let us know because she is amazing!) who has shown us the positives in renting in today's market by making our property work for us and by allowing ourselves to move into something else while interest rates are so low and while so many great deals are out there. There are tons of bungalows for sale in the same town that we live in and stuff isn't selling much, but is renting like crazy, so we decided to rent this house out for now and then eventually, down the road we will try to sell it again.

So, all that said, we bought a new home!! It's a dream come true for Jim and I :)!! It's beautiful and just perfect for our family. We are going to have so much more room and the layout is exactly what I've dreamed of having for years. The neighborhood is everything that we were looking for too with a community pool, sidewalks and a quiet cul da sac street.
I can't even tell you all the ways that we feel like God perfectly worked things out for us to get this exact house and every minute we spend there we find more things to love about it! We closed last week, but we are spending lots of time there getting everything clean and ready before we officially move in. Next Saturday is our big move day when we will move all our furniture so it will be our first night sleeping there. We can't wait :)!!!

Not only will this be a new house, but in a sense it is a new chapter in our lives. Abbey is almost done with her treatment and we are almost done with this whole cancer thing. As much as we have loved this home, it will always be the place where we brought our precious little cancer patient home to. It will always be the house that we made into a bubble to protect our family from germs while Abbey was in her intense treatment. I will always remember vacuuming up hair from these floors and crying in these bedrooms. We have lots of wonderful memories here too, but we are ready to move on with our lives and be done with this cancer journey.

God has been so very good to our family and we truly feel blessed beyond words with the way that He has cared for us and worked this all out for us. We can't wait to get in our new home and fill it with love, laughter and memories :). Thank you for crying with us through the hard times and being excited with us through the good. It's so fun to be able to do these posts and get to share our blessings and excitement with all of you :)! I will leave you with recent pics of each of the kids since they are growing right before our eyes :). And more pics to come soon as we make memories in our new home :)!!!


Cayle said...

i am so unbelievably happy for you guys!

Isn't god amazing!

Beth said...

What a PERFECT blessing from our PERFECT God!! How amazing! Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your family, your faith, your laughter, your pain, and most of all your love. You are an amazing and an inspiration. Continuing to pray for showered blessings on your family!

Nursing Student
Troy, OH

Doing the Life Thing...Gabler Style said...

Love this:)!!!!

Cindy Bailey said...

Shelley, I'm so happy for your family and know that you must be over the moon with happiness! Thanks so much for sharing the good news. God is an awesome God and you and Jim and family are examples of His Greatness! I'm wishing you the best of luck with your move, renting your old home, and also making many happy memories in the new home. Take care and God Bless! Oh by the way the kids are growing in leaps and bounds.You have a beautiful family.:)