Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hospital Re-Admission

From Jim:

Shelley asked me to do a quick post because her computer's power cord broke and now she can't use her computer. Anyway, Abbey is back in the hospital after a day at home. Her nurse called Shelley this morning and said that the blood culture that they took yesterday came back positive for a bacterial infection. Therefore, we needed to bring Abbey in right away.
So, Shelley and her sister, Stacey, took Abbey to the clinic. After a few hours in the clinic of talking with doctors, Abbey was admitted back into Rainbow 2. Abbey is getting fluids and antibiotics in order to knock out this infection. The doctors also made the decision to remove Abbey's port tomorrow! We are excited about this, but we didn't think it would happen this soon. The doctors expressed to us that this could be most likely where the infection entered/is. So, they felt that it was important to remove the port, which would help speed up the infection fight!
Hopefully Shelley will have a new power cord tomorrow and she will post some good news! One more thing... Abbey is actually doing quite well. She has no fever and Shelley said that she is in a good mood while watching lots of movies and coloring!! Thanks.



Cindy Bailey said...

Jim, thanks so much for the update. I'll continue to keep Abbey in my prayers and hope that she can get rid of the infection asap. Glad to hear that they are removing her port tomorrow.Hoping she'll soon be well and back home.

jan said...

yay! so happy to see the post :)

Anonymous said...

Love that girl!


Alicia Larson said...

I'm so glad she's feeling well! Great news on the port removal! Keep us posted. : ) Love you guys a ton!

Judy said...

Jim and Shelley,
Please give Abbey girl a big hug and let her know we are praying for her to feel better soon !
Praying !!!!
Love you guys,

Keri Bush said...

Praise God!!!!!!! Praying everything goes well with the removal of the port.