Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Tease

Winters in Northeast Ohio can be pretty brutal. Most winters are cold and snowy, but this winter has been especially white. I shouldn't be complaining about it because I love having all 4 seasons and we really do have beautiful winters (and springs falls and summers too :), but after a while we really start getting spring fever! Every year around this time (especially since we've had kids) we are ready for the daffodils to start blooming and for the warmer temps to come. Below is a pic of Jim doing what he does very often around here in winter!

Well today we had a little taste of spring hopefully being somewhere in the not so distant future. We had temps that got into the high 50's and the snow is melting! We finally saw some green and it felt warm compared to what we've been used to lately. Caleb was so hilarious when we got outside. He was like a caged animal, finally set free to roam around. He had a smile on his face the whole time we were out and couldn't walk fast enough (yes, he's walking :) to the next thing that he wanted to explore. It was so fun to watch him soak it all in! Abbey and Micah too enjoyed every minute of being out!

Well like all good things, our time outside had to come to an end. Lunch and nap time were still a must for the day so we had to come in. Poor Caleb. He was sooo sad :(. Hoping for more nice days soon to get these kids back out!

And I wanted to do a little update on our Jake too! Poor kid misses so much when he's in school (like playing outside with us today!). I feel a personal fun day in his near future (my mom used to let me stay home every once in a while for no reason and I do the same with Jacob :). Don't tell Jim!!! Just kidding Jim... love you babe! :) Anyways, last week Jacob was in his first pinewood derby car race. It was sooo cool! Jacob is a cub scout and Jim and him made a car together. He placed 6th in the race and the day was sooo much fun!

Jacob and his car

There were lots of really neat cars there! Jim and Jake got some ideas for his next year :)!
It was so professional and fun for the kids (and adults too)!

The kids looking on as Jacob's car raced

Well there you have it :)! Two posts in 2 days. I'm totally on a roll here! Hope you all have a great weekend!!


blessed.creyione said...

Awwww. Caleb just made my day with his super cute smile! :) Dimples! :)
And I'm so glad that Abbey is doing okay, and we'll continue praying for her. Jacob and Micah are just adorable! What a lovely family. God bless you all always! :) I truly love your blog.

Beth said...

So glad to hear that Abbey is well!

We too have been enjoying the warmer weather. Summer isn't too far off...right?!?!

I can't believe that your little one is walking!! Where does the time go!!!