Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Pictures :)

I was just looking at the pictures that I took of the kids on Easter Sunday and had to laugh out loud when scrolling through them! Here's just a preview of the fun shoot that we did!

It usually takes Jake a few tries to get a good smile going. We start with this and then I call Jim in to do some silly dancing or jokes to get the kids laughing. We always place Jake & Abbey first since they're the oldest and can sit and smile the longest! Micah is playing hard to get at this point.

We talked Micah into coming in closer, but he obviously isn't ready to smile yet. Jacob and Abbey are thinking daddy is pretty funny!

Wait! Now where did Micah go?? But Caleb is now sitting still and kind of smiling. We're loosing Abbey a bit, but we're getting closer!

Now Micah is on board for the picture, but something on the ceiling caught Abbey's attention and Jacob is thinking that his patience can only last a little longer! Caleb sat nice for the previous shot and now he has just about had it.

And finally, a decent one of them all looking and kind of smiling :)! Pictures are always so much fun when you have 4 little kids! Ask Jim - it's his favorite part of holidays :)!!


eckman fam said...

i don't think they could be any cuter!!!

Beth said...

lol...they are all keepers! Sometimes those goofy shots are the best ones!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Doing the Life Thing...Gabler Style said...

This post made me laugh alotttt...I needed that:)!!! Love you guys!

Cindy Bailey said...

Shelley they are growing so fast! I love all the pics especially when one or the other isn't looking at the camera.:) Someday you'll look back and wonder where the time went...it goes so, so fast. I hope that you had a wonderful Easter and thanks for sharing those four cuties with us.God Bless!~

Andrea said...

All the kids are getting so big - Abbey especially is looking a lot older. The pictures all are priceless :)

Lund7 said...

Precious little faces!! Have a wonderful Mothers Day!