Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Getaway :)

Jim and I had a wonderful time on our trip away! It was refreshing and relaxing! Our cabin was beautiful as was the area that it was in. We were able to do some hiking during the days and some shopping and eating out in the evenings.

Jim had printed out some games for us to play during meals and while driving. They were so much fun and kept us laughing and our conversation flowing about things that we normally wouldn't have talked about. Go here to print them out for your next date!

Below are some pictures from our hiking. It was almost 70 degrees that day so the weather couldn't have been more beautiful.

And a post to follow soon about updates on everything else :)! Thanks for checking in!


Cindy Bailey said...

What an awesome getaway...the pictures are beautiful. Glad that the two of you enjoyed yourselves and looking forward to your update! I hope the kiddos had as much fun as the two of you did.:)

Isylla said...

such a cute couple! glad you had a good time!