Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Summer Pics

Since I am not finding much time to post this summer, I figured I'd at least get on here to put some pictures up. Here's a handful of the things we've been up to :)...

Jacob's 8th birthday party :)

Several hikes on the paths through our development (we're loving our new home and new neighborhood!)

Fun family times
Bon fire for my birthday. Smores and this new neat creation below over the fire. Yum!

(before it was over the fire...)

(and after)

Beautiful flowers from my in-laws :)

A day at Cedar Point!

Our best bud - Jerry and the kids

The kids loving on each other :)

Life has been good! We are very much enjoying our summer! Abbey is 6 months post treatment and doing beautifully. I can almost say that life seems pretty much back to normal. God is so faithful and I feel so blessed to be where we are today. Thank you faithful followers for checking in on us. Blessings to you all :)!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Shelley! Had a blast. Love you guys...