Thursday, August 4, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Abbey and Micah are both taking swimming lessons in our developments pool. It is a two week session, every weekday morning. They are 1 week into it and they are both enjoying it very much! The progress that Abbey has made in this first week has been very exciting for her and I. She is getting much more confident swimming by herself! Micah too is doing well and getting more comfortable with having his face in the water and going under. Jacob opted to sit out this year. He is a good swimmer so we didn't push it with him. I'm really excited for the day when all 4 of them are good swimmers so I can relax poolside and catch a few rays :)! We have a ways to go till then, but someday we'll be there!

Abbey jumping in the deep alone

and treading water to get back to the wall

sweet buddy

done for the day :)

He's been so proud of himself :)!

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The Kalivoda's said...

such sweet pictures. such sweet kiddos. I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now. so thankful for your many blessings.
could you tell me where you found the super cute buzz light year hooded towel? my eldest little one would love it!!!