Monday, February 13, 2012

Pray for Piper

I got on the computer this morning, planning on posting something completely different then I am posting about now. What I planned on writing seems totally unimportant. Life seems to stop when I hear about a little girl loosing her battle to cancer. My heart is aching for this family. I can only imagine the pain that they are feeling as they walk through these days ahead of them.

This is Piper. Isn't she precious? Piper has leukemia and just relapsed. My sister-in-law Alicia and her family are friends with Piper's family. Although Abbey's journey was different, one thing that helped so much as we walked through our scariest days was knowing that people from around the country joined us in prayer for our Abbey. Would you pray for a miracle for Piper and pray for her family today as they walk through the impossible right now. And if you feel led, please leave them a comment on their blog so they know that they are surrounded in prayer right now?

Sweet Piper with her family


Beth said...

Just checking in with you guys after a few months. I am so sorry for what you had to go through with little Micah but grateful that he is doing well! You guys look great and the kids are getting so big! Blessings to you all!

I will also keep Piper in my prayers. I can not even imagine.

Alicia Larson said...

Thanks for posting this Shelley. It looks like Piper is heading to St. Jude's in Memphis today. We're all praying for her healing.

Looking forward to seeing y'all this summer!

Cameron VSJ said...


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