Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy (very late) Valentines Day :)!

So I'm a month late posting about Valentines Day, but better late then never, right?! We had such a fun day that I don't want to skip sharing about it.

But first... Life has been busy here. When I say busy, I don't mean busy with a full calendar of activities. I mean busy just keeping up with life. From meals, to laundry, to homework, to baths, to cleaning, to keeping nails trimmed and hair cut (to name a few things). Life with 4 little ones (and nannying a 5th) is busy! People have asked me how I have managed to get my weight down after having 4 babies. Come over someday and you'll see :)! I run up and down the steps countless times a day and usually don't have a chance to sit down till the kids are in bed at night. And I wouldn't change any of it for the world. Life has truly been wonderful. Everyone is healthy and happy and good.

This year Valentines Day was super fun. We have started a new tradition (I saw this idea somewhere on facebook) to do a scavenger hunt for the kids. I will explain what we did through pictures...

Each kid had their own color. I cut out 10 hearts in each color and wrote 10 things that I love about each child (1 per heart).
Once Jacob and Abbey got home from school, I had a snack ready for them on the table with their 1st heart that had something that I love about them on it. Each statement was a clue to find their next heart. For example... Caleb's 1st one said "I love to watch you dance to music" and his next clue was on one of the speakers where we play music and he dances. We had to help Micah and Caleb, but they still had fun!

One of Jacob's clues was "I love seeing your Lego creations" and he went to his Lego bins for his next clue :).
And I love the cute outfits that Abbey comes up with (clue on her dresser).
I love Micah's smile :). Mirror where he can see his smile...

And a little tangent here.... We just re-did this bathroom in our spare time - lol. It was too dark for the space and there was a lot of outdated gold in it. I'll post a couple pics of our updated guest bathroom at the bottom :).

At the end of each scavenger hunt, they each had some treats waiting for them. They were all smiles :).

This was an easy, inexpensive way to make Valentines Day special for the kids. You really could incorporate the scavenger hunt to any holiday. For St. Patrick's Day you could use shamrocks and say "I'm lucky to have you in my life because...." or for Easter you could use cutout bunnies and say "your a funny bunny because....". You get the idea. I love coming up with new traditions and memories that the kids will remember forever. This one was definitely a keeper.

And now for the pictures of our "new bathroom"...

I know the wall color looks different in these two pictures, but you get the idea. I think one was taken with a flash and the other without.

And After :)

My father in law painted it when they were here a few weeks ago (thanks dad!) and Jim did the rest! I think they did a great job :)!

Now, off to take the kids outside to enjoy this beautiful weather! Hope life is well for you all! Thanks for checking in :)


Bethany said...

I totally hear you on life being busy just because it's life. You have one child more than I do, plus the 5th there during the week, and I still feel like I don't get time to sit down, eat a full meal, etc. When Scott was recently gone for a week in Colorado, I lost over five pounds because of all the added stress and work of having him gone. He took me out Saturday night for mexican though and a few of those pounds crept back on :) I use all of this to preface that I want you to know that you are so busy because you are such a GREAT mom. You are purposeful in all that you do and you go out of your way to not only make sure that your children's basic needs are met, but that they are exceeded and that each need is fulfilled with a loving heart. In a world that preaches "all about me" you are an exception. You are truly all about your family, every.single.day. You are, as always an inspiration to me and to many others. Keep up the fantastic (busy) work mama!!

Isylla-Beth said...

Your family is just so sweet!

Anonymous said...

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LT Couplings said...

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