Sunday, December 2, 2007

Beware of Stairs!

Yesterday we had quite a day. We went to a birthday party at the Cherry's house (friend's of ours from church). There were lots of people there and lots of kids. It was a chore just trying to keep an eye on where our kids were. Shelley decided to take a trip down into the basement to check on Abbey. Well, she somehow slipped as she was walking down the stairs and fell backwards and hit her head and back... and dropped the plate of food she was carrying all over the stairs. I didn't see her fall, but I sure heard it! The stairs were wood with no carpet, so the fall hurt quite a bit. For those of you who don't know, Shelley is 8 months pregnant. We were a little concerned, so we called the doctor and he sent us to the ER to have her checked out.
We went to the local ER... minus Jake, he wanted to stay at the party and continue playing... and Shelley was treated for her golf-ball-sized bump on her head and Micah was checked on as well. Everything appeared normal, but we were still sent to Hillcrest Hospital so that Shelley could be monitored for the next 4 hours or so... their standard protocol. I guess it was a good thing we went, because Shelley began having contractions every 3 to 10 minutes and was slightly dilated! The contractions subsided after a quick shot of medicine and at about 1am the doctor discharged us, with medication to stop the contractions if they start again.
While this was all going on, Grandma and Grandpa Richings took care of Jake and Abbey and got them to bed. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!! Anyway, it's take-it-easy time for Shelley and watch out for those stairs!!!


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We're glad to hear that you're okay.

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