Thursday, May 1, 2008

2nd Showing

This past Tuesday we had our first showing on our house since we lowered the price (also our first showing in 8 months).  It was a young couple and they are coming back Saturday with their parents for a second showing.  We have a reserved excitement, but are encouraged that we even got a showing with interest.  Our neighbors house has been for sale for two years and there are several  on our street that have been sitting for a long time.  There are some really nice houses not selling and we know it's just this horrible market right now.  If we do end up selling during this slump we will know it is only God opening up a door for us to move into something with more room for our growing family.  Please pray that this couple would buy and love this house as much as we have.  We'll keep you posted.


alicia_larson said...

hey guys! glad to hear the showing went well. we sure do hope y'all are able to sell soon.


the 7 larsons

Anonymous said...

I'm saving a P-day to help you guys move....It's going to happen!