Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jacob, Abbey & Micah on Easter

Quick update on things here...

Our week since we've been home from the hospital has been wonderful.  Abbey has been feeling great and we've been enjoying her feeling good and things being pretty normal around here.  

The shots have been going as good as can be expected.  She is definitely getting more used to them and looks forward to picking out a special band-aid after each poke.  Jim went to the store a few days ago and bought every kind of girl band-aid that they make so that has been a little bit of a distraction for her to the actual shot.  Jacob has been helping her through each shot by sitting in front of her and breathing out with her while she gets it.  She's been so tough and seeing that she is doing o.k. with them is helping me be a little more o.k. with giving them to her.

Tomorrow we are heading back to the clinic for the next part of this phase to begin.  We have to be there at 8:30a.m. for her to get IV fluids for a couple hours before getting a chemo that can be hard on her bladder.  She then has her spinal chemo at 12 (she can't eat until this is over b/c of sedation) and then we will go back to the clinic for her to get more IV fluids to flush the chemo through her bladder.  They told us not to expect to leave until around 5p.m. so it will be a long day.  She also will get a new chemo called Ara-C starting tomorrow and will get it for 4 days in a row.  Her needle will stay in and a nurse will come to our house everyday through Sunday to give it to her and then her needle will come out on Sunday.  That will be hard b/c she doesn't like the needle staying in and often complains that it itches and just bothers her.  She then will have a break until next Thursday and then again will have the 4 day chemo again and will need to have her needle in the whole time.  

We have two rough weeks ahead, but we know we will make it.  We look forward to starting tomorrow so we can get it over with.  I will try to update more as we go through the rest of this phase.

Thanks for checking in on Abbey and please pray for her to handle the rest of this phase with no problems.  Please pray that the needle wouldn't bug her and that she wouldn't be sick from these new chemos that she's getting.    


Fer said...

Hy I have never write a comment on your blog before even though I´ve been reading it for a log while now... I just wanted to say that I´m praying for Abbey everyday and that she´s an example for everyone, she has been so tough through all of this! You and your husband are very lucky to have such a special little girl... Praying for sweet little Abbey and for your beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

We will be praying even more these next 2 weeks for Abbey and your family!! Thanks for the update!

The Mobley's

Queen B said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Easter. I'm so glad Abbey was home to enjoy the day. We'll be praying for her during this next phase!

The Dauks

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see the children smiling and together. I'll be praying for Abbey as she goes thru this next phase. I'm also praying for her to not be sick with the new chemo and also hope and pray that the needle staying in doesn't bother her much. You all are doing an awesome job and your an inspiration to so many others who have a rocky path to travel down. God Bless!~
Cindy Bailey

dana said...

I am so thankful that this week at home has been going well. Thankful to hear that Abbey has been feeling well. Especially praying for clinic tomorrow and Abbey's chemo and also for the chemo for this weekend.

So thankful for your encouraging words and perspective...

Praying for you, always...

~ Dana

Jenny said...

We are still praying here in Australia for your beautiful Abbey,she is such a little gem, I love her smile - your children look so beautiful all laughing and smiling together, nothing sweeter! I loved when you said that Jacob has been 'breathing through the shot with her' It is really important to get kids to learn to breathe through pain and doing it with them is such a wonderful way to help them.. My daughter cut the end (literally with half the nail!) of her thumb off with a knife last year and I made her look into my eyes and breathed with her for the half hour trip to the hospital, she said in the end she didn't feel the pain, the breathing was like a pain reliever!... so yay for the breathing, it really works! (Occupational Therapists use it alot also)

God Bless you all so much!,
with much love
Doug ,Jenny and family

Odd Mom Out said...

I hope the next two weeks are easier than expected and all goes perfectly well. Loved seeing your pictures! Great idea on the different kinds of band-aids. Smart mommy!


Many prayers! She's such a trooper!

Anonymous said...

It is fantastic to see all the smiling little faces and glad to hear Abbey is feeling great! And Jacob is a wonderful big brother to help Abbey focus on him and breathe through her shots. Praying everything goes smoothly during the next two weeks, and Abbey is able to tolerate the treatment. Abbey is such a sweet, special little girl! Thank you for the pictures and update.

Annapolis, MD

Beth said...

Glad you guys had a nice Easter and that Abbey is feeling better!!

That Jacob is certainly a special little guy himself!! What a sweet boy to be helping his sister during her shots!!

Hoping that tomorrow goes well! Praying for the specific things you mentioned!


Andrea said...

Praying she doesn't notice the needles at all and that God enables her body to handle all new medications.

Love and strength in Christ,

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you were able to enjoy Easter with your family at home. Praying for little Abbey to continue to be strong especially with the new chemos about to begin. Also praying she will be ok w/ her needle being left in during treatments. Prayerfully she won't even think about it being there at all...Praying everyday for your family and Abbey as well that God may put his loving arms around you and show His love thru it all. Shelley, keep up the awesome encouragement to Abbey and the other kids. What a wonderful example you and your husband are to them.
God bless you all,
Nicholle & Leah (one of God's other "special" patients from the clinic :)

Shawna from Round Rock said...

I usually don't comment on blogs, but I have to say that I pray for sweet Abbey and your family all the time. Your children are beautiful and their little faces just light up when they smile. Little Abbey just shines even without her pretty hair and even when I know she must not be feeling great. :o) God has blessed your family with such precious children and I know he will bless you even more when Abbey is healed!

Pat said...

Your doing a great job taking it one step at a time. We went through A.L.L. with our daughter when she was 3. She is now almost 25! It is so amazing how strong these little ones are. Our daughter was a a tower of strength, and so accepting of what she had to go through. Abbey is the same way. I have been praying for Abbey, and will continue to. One day she will be 25 too.

Mylla said...

sweet kids:)