Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still Not Home... Yet?

Yes, Abbey is still in the hospital as of this morning.  Shelley said that Abbey is doing pretty well.  Her temp was still hovering near 100 yesterday, but other than that she seems ok.  She is confined to her room because of the original fever, and this has made it hard on the both of them just staying cooped up in the room.  Hopefully today they'll be able to go for a walk to the play room on the floor.  Abbey's ANC is at 430 as of this morning.  We were supposed to start the second part of Delayed Intensification today, but since her ANC is so low, we are going to wait.  Shelley and I both are somewhat glad about this, we think Abbey needs a week break to recover from the first round, but we would also like to get this phase over with. 
She's not sure if they are coming home today.  I REALLY hope they are.  Micah can't stop saying "Mama", and Jacob told Shelley on the phone last night that he "really misses her a lot."  Even though it's been fun just hanging out with the boys, we need our girls back.  Thank you for your continued prayers.    I'll keep you posted on any news.  


Michelle said...

praying for sweet Abbey and the rest of your family... keep us posted, especially if there's anything else we can be praying for specifically. :-)

- michelle

Anonymous said...

Praying that your girls come home soon. Waiting a week for treatment will enable Abbey to regain her strength which will help her to better handle the second part of Delayed Intensification. Abbey is such a beautiful little girl, as is your entire family.

Annapolis, MD

Beth said...

We continue to pray for you guys!!

I belong to Church of the Saviour in Cleveland Heights and one of the women's groups that I belong to would like to send Abbey and her brothers some Easter goodies that we make every year for missions. Is there an address that I could send them to?

Hoping that the ladies come home today!!

Michelle Riggs said...

Isolation in the hospital is so hard. My Abby didn't like it either.

Praying your girls are home soon.

Judy Borlin said...

Hi Jim,
First of all you do a great job of this !!

We are praying that your girls come home today as well.

I love the photo of Micah looking out the door.. How precious is he?

Lynn said...

Praying for Abbey to come home. Praising the Lord for what He is yet to do! "All things work together for those who love God. For those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28 This was our memory verse for Children's Church this week. They learned that God will help us overcome obstacles.