Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rocky Week

We went from a great week last week and a wonderful weekend as a family to some rocky days this week. As I mentioned in my last post, Jacob did great his first week of school, so Monday morning when I pulled in the parking lot and he started crying, I was surprised to say the least. Jacob has always been our independent, social kid who has never cried or got upset when going to his class at church, to preschool or to a friends house for the day. These last three days, when I dropped him off he has had a very hard time. He started telling us this week that the day at school is too long and that he misses being home. Yesterday as he cried and kept asking me to take him home, my heart was breaking. I thought I broke my cell phone from all the tears that seeped into it on my ride home while talking to Jim (it eventually dried out and is working fine again).

We know this is a huge change for him (as it is for us) for him to be in school 5 days a week. We truly still feel like we made the right choice with the school that we picked and putting him in this year, but we know that it is going to take time for him to get used to it. Jacob definitely doesn't like change, but as time goes on and he knows more of what to expect, we think it will get easier for him.

His teacher has been wonderful. Monday and Tuesday when I picked him up he was fine and she said he did great all day. She told me that she has been talking to him during the day about what is upsetting him so much in the morning and then she has been praying with him, for God to help him to be brave and give him strength. He told her and us that when he thinks about me (mommy) he cries because he misses me. It's heartbreaking :( Jacob has been through so much this past year with everything with Abbey and sometimes it's hard to know how he is dealing with it all deep down inside. Jacob is pretty open with us and is a good communicator, but there are times where we feel like he doesn't talk too much about our situation with Abbey and how our lives changed in an instant. We are trying not to over analize this, but also want to do everything we can to help with him with this transition to school and we so want to do what's best for him. Please pray for him and us as this has been a hard week.

The other thing that's going on right now is that Abbey hasn't been feeling good these last couple days. Tuesday morning she woke up at 5a.m. and was throwing up. At that point she wasn't running a fever, but about mid-day yesterday her temperature started going up. It has been holding pretty steady around 99, but has not yet hit 100.4, which is the temperature where we have to take her to the hospital. I have been in close contact with her nurse and doctor and will be taking it again today at 12:30 to see where it is. At that point they will formulate a plan on what we should do. If her fever goes up in the middle of the night then we will have to go through the ER and if you've been following our blog for long, you know how very much we do not want to have to do that. It is so much easier to be able to take her to the clinic during regular business hours because we are all more comfortable there and they deal with cancer kids all day so whatever the issue, it is second nature to them. Not so much in the ER. Please pray that her temp would come down to normal. There's nothing like a fever coming on and our emotions quickly being all over the place. It is a definite reminder of this battle that we continue to fight with our baby girl. Thank you for loving us through this. We feel blessed to have many praying us through this time in our lives.


Cindy Bailey said...

Shelley, I'll be praying for Jacob, Abbey and your family.I think that in time Jacob will get used to his new schedule and will make new friends and be comfortable being away from home and you. I'm praying and hoping that Abbey's temp comes down and stays at normal. Keep us posted, please! God Bless!

dana said...


Tears are flooding my eyes as I read this...I so know the fears that come with fevers and the overwhelming feeling of how your instantly changed life has affected your children.

I will be praying my friend...hopeful that Abbey is okay, and that Jacob has a marvelous day at school!

((hugs)) my friend,

lkalivoda said...

I will be praying for your sweet family. I know it must be hard on jacob to go to school and know is sweet little sister is sick at home....i pray the Lord can shield him and allow him to grow and play and adjust to his wonderful new school. I am also praying for abbey and that the doctors would have wisdom!

Andrea said...

Praying for both Jacob and Abbey. May God give you strength, too! Keep trusting Jim and you made the right decision to send Jacob to school - it can be hard not to doubt that, especially when you see the kids having a hard time with something.

Love in Christ,

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Jacob, Abbey and y'all!

With MUCH love!

Alicia for the 7

daisy2biker said...

Praying for Jacob. I remember when I taught preschool the first few weeks (getting used to the routine)were always the hardest for the kids. Then it was like a switch turned and things were good. Praying it is the same for Jacob. Also praying for Abbey and her fevers and not feeling well. Praying for your whole family as you go through this rocky week. Love you guys...