Thursday, September 3, 2009

Go Away Fever!

Once again this morning, Abbey woke up with a fever. The second she woke up and I kissed her head, I knew we weren't past this bump in the road yet. Since Abbey had her antibiotic yesterday at 4p.m. she was covered for 24 hours with that just in case this does end up being a bacterial infection in her blood. I talked to her nurse soon after I knew she was still running a fever and she said we didn't need to be there today until around 2:30ish to make sure she could get the next antibiotic in her by 4p.m. today.

Once we got there they decided they wanted to do a strep throat test and some nose mucus test to see if they can see if she has some sort of infection that they can pinpoint. Up to that point, Abbey had no cold symptoms so I really didn't think it could be anything like that. When they did her exam they said her throat looked a little red, but she said that her throat didn't hurt at all.

The tests were not pleasant and Abbey was very scared to have to get her throat "tickled" by the long q-tip and the nose test done as they had to put a tube up her nose, squirt some saline up there and suction out whatever they could. We had to hold her down while the nurse practitioner did the tests. It was sad and poor Abbey was soaking with sweat when it was all done due to her crying so hard. She recovered quickly, but kept telling me that it hurt really bad. Poor girl :( We will get the results on those tests tomorrow.

Nothing had grown in her culture at the 24 hour mark so they will continue to watch it for two more days. Tonight she started having some cold symptoms like a little bit of congestion and runny nose. This fever may be something to do with that or something to do with the throwing up the other day... who knows. We just want it to go away and not come back. We are praying that when she wakes up she will be fever free so we can move past this. Once again, tomorrow we will be in close contact with her nurse and doctor and depending on what is going on with her temperature, that will decide whether or not we have to go back to the clinic for a third day in a row. Abbey has been a trooper and even after the traumatic tests today, she still told me that she liked going to clinic. Please continue praying with us that tomorrow her temp would be back to normal. We will let you know....


Nichole said...

I kind of stumbled across your page tonight and wanted to leave you a comment letting you know that petitioned God on your behalf. May you feel Gods comfort and I ask that He touch little Abbeys body in a mighty way.

Cindy Bailey said...

Aww Shelley, I'm so sorry to have to read about what Abbey went thru today. Bless her heart. She still is an inspiration to me and to so many others. She seems to weather the storms so well, and yet bounces back to her happy sweet self. I'm still praying for her and you all, that the fever breaks and her temp remains normal.Take care and God Bless!

dana said...

Praying...go away fever, go away!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley, I just was able to catch up with your blog (we started school this week! nuts!!!). And I wanted you to know we all continue to pray for Abbey and hope that this bug goes away fast! Also, I teach kindergarten and it's totally normal for kids that were all smiles the first week to be sad the second or even third week of school! Once the *newness* wears off and they realize that they are there for a LONG TIME it's a little disturbing :o) For me too (haha!). We just started on Wed. so next Tuesday I will surely have criers. BUT...we give a little love and they are back to smiles soon! But I can imagine how hard it is for you! Gabe just went to preschool for the first time and it was so bittersweet to see him off! I better get to school! Have a great day and you're always in our thoughts! :o) Beka

Judy B said...

Hi Shelley,
I'm so sorry to hear our girl is not feeling well.
Please let her know we are going to be praying that she feels better soon, that the fever leaves her and most importantly that we love her so very much.

Jenny said...

Sending love and prayers for beautiful Abbey as always, I get so sad for her when I hear that she has had to have tests that hurt her, I know as her parents you would do anything for her not to feel this way, if only we could take them for her eh.... so sending special prayers for you also, and if you get a moment would you be able to email me at my blog with your address - i am making something for Abbey and I would love to send it to her. Thank you so much!
with much love and hugs from Australia
Jenny and Doug

Linda Lewis said...

I'm praying that Abbey's fever goes away and she's feeling well really really soon.

Linda Lewis
(Melissa's aunt)