Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jacob, Minus a Tooth!!

Jacob lost his first tooth this week! It had been loose for at least a month and was seriously hanging by a hair the day that it fell out. We were laughing at how long it was hanging on, but there was no way Jacob wanted to pull it out so we just let it go and knew eventually it had to come out. Thursday, when I picked him up from school he had a plastic tooth container hanging around his neck and a sticker on his shirt that said "I lost a tooth". He had the biggest smile on his face when he saw me and was so excited to tell me that it finally came out. At recess he said he felt something in his mouth and when he took it out, it was his tooth! His teacher made a big deal about it and he was the first in his class to loose a tooth at school so he got his name on a chart and to bring home a tooth necklace and sticker. His smile is so cute with his missing tooth (although the next one is already coming in). I can't believe our oldest is already loosing teeth!! He's getting so big :)

And a quick update about school.... He is doing much better. He has been so brave each morning as he walks into school and although he's saying here and there that he misses being home and that it's a long day, he seems to be enjoying it and getting into the swing of things. Thanks for praying for his transition. It has been really neat to see all that he is learning already. Weekends can't come soon enough at this point for me as I so miss him being home, but we are so thankful that he is adjusting and liking it more :)

You can see the little space on the bottom :) And a side note about the hat.... Last week they were learning about Police Officers and Jim went in the one morning in his uniform and talked to the kids. They then all got to go out and see his police car, which was pretty cool! Jacob was very proud :)


Jenny said...

congrats Jacob!! I always tell my husband he is the one that is going to help with the wiggly teeth it makes my stomach turn..LOL

Cindy Bailey said...

Way to go Jacob! You're just as handsome without that tooth. I'm sure their will be many more teeth to lose this year. The first one is always special though.Tell Mommy thanks for sharing your news and pictures with us.