Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hi :)

No, I didn't have the baby yet :)

Just thought I'd do a quick update (and put my favorite pics from the last few days of my little loves so you all have something to look at :). We're figuring out more things to do with the camera and loving the moments that it's capturing! I could just eat these kids up sometimes :) We got a Nikon D3000 for our blogger friend who wanted to know :)

Abbey is doing great! She has been feeling completely back to normal and bounced back quickly from her fever.

She is back on her oral chemo (she had been off it for three weeks due to her low numbers, then the fever) and she seems to be handling it well. We (or maybe just Jim and her if I'm in the hospital :) return to clinic on Friday for a number check to see how her blood looks and to make sure her numbers are handling her medications o.k.

So my doctor was wrong when he said he didn't think I'd make it to my next appointment. I go back tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 9:45a.m. I am thankful that it's all worked out this way and that I didn't get home from the hospital with Abbey and then have to leave right away to be gone again and away from the boys more. As much as I don't want to be away from home, I am VERY ready at this point to have this little boy. So ready to get to hold, smell and just love on him. Not to mention, ready to not be pregnant anymore! The kids too are excited and asking often when he is coming out.

So tomorrow we will see when the doc says. Praying for more progress. I have thought a few times that it was time to go, but each time the contractions have stopped. I have never been pregnant this long as the other three were all born at least a week early. And here I am, 4 days till my due date. Jacob was the earliest and just over 7 lbs., but Abbey and Micah were both over 8 lbs. and born early too so I am going to talk to my doc about this tomorrow.... just wondering if I go much longer, how big he will be! We shall see :)

When we go, my mom (below) will be staying here with the kids. She is "on call" with her bags packed and is ready to go right when she gets the call. Thanks so much mom! One of us will be sure to do a post when we are hospital bound :) Thanks for checking in and for all your love and support for our family! It means so very much :)


Anonymous said...

YAY how exciting!!!

Lafayette, LA

The Gammons Family said...

Amanda has been calling and asking if there are any updates. (No internet at home.) I will definitely pass this along. We're hoping everything goes smoothly.


I'm excited for you!! You'll all be in my prayers.