Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Some long overdue updates... :)

Our move went as good as can be expected. We had lots of help and I said more than once that day that I'm really glad I'm not a guy! They worked so hard, carrying heavy stuff up and down steps and in and out of the truck and houses. It was exhausting just watching them! Everything went smoothly, but it was a long, overwhelming day. I don't think I realized how much work it was going to be, but we did it and it's over :)!

Our first week in our new home has been wonderful!! The kids have adjusted so much better than we anticipated. I am so surprised that none of them have asked to go home or that they haven't been talking about our old house much. My mom kept saying before we moved that they will adjust fine because what makes it home is our family. I guess she was right because they have amazed us :).

Unpacking has been going pretty fast and everyday I feel more settled and organized. Jim's parents were here for a little shy of 2 weeks and they were a huge help! Between my mom and my in-laws, they all worked and have been working so hard to help us get everything just right :).

One of our new neighbors brought us some cookies the other day :). Everyone that we've met so far have been so friendly. We love our neighborhood!

And here are a few pics of our new place :). We still haven't hung much on the walls and have a ways to go, but we're getting there. We are painting the living room and dining room right now so I'll post pics when we're done with those rooms.

Great Room

Foyer (we're painting the dining room pictured in the back)


Our Bedroom
And a few pics of the peanuts :)...

The Crew :)

Caleb & his second mommy

Caleb pulling up on everything :)

And I wanted to update on our old home and how God so amazingly pulled that all together for us. There is a family from our church that is moving in in a couple weeks! We couldn't have hand picked a better family to love, care for and be blessed by our old home. God's timing is so perfect and we are so excited for them and so thankful for how perfectly it has all worked out :)!

And lastly, the video that I put a clip of in my last post at our church went great! It is such an encouragement to us when we see God using our story! Our church has some big plans for the future with taking our story to the community, but more to come on that soon :). If you'd like to see the video click HERE.

Thanks so much for checking in and hope you all are enjoying fall :)!!


Anonymous said...

Looks GREAT! Love that house and those stinkin kids!


Cindy Bailey said...

What a beautiful house, glad the kids are adjusting well and that you have such great neighbors. I pray that you enjoy many happy memories and blessings in this new "home". God Bless!