Monday, September 13, 2010

I totally should be packing...

By about 10 p.m., I have been hitting a brick wall and have been too tired to do one more thing. I should be packing right now, but I'd much rather sit here and veg while the kids all sleep peacefully in their beds and I wait for Jim to get home from work.

We have gotten a lot done, but there is still a lot to do. Last time we moved, was 8 years ago and it was just Jim and I moving from a tiny apartment to this house. I think we were able to pack our place up in an hour. Now, with four kids, we have accumulated so much more stuff and the packing is a little overwhelming. Jim keeps reminding me that we need to just take it one room at a time and eventually it will all be in boxes. I roam from room to room way too much and end up having projects started all around the house. We'll get there!

Things at the new house are coming along beautifully! I will post some pics of the inside once we are in :). Yesterday I spent the day painting Jacob's room (along with my step dad and dear friend - thanks John and Marcie :)) and it was so much fun! Painting is so rewarding because you can see the progress so fast. His room looks great! We did three walls tan and the accent wall is a greenish/brown. Jacob is very into anything camo/army so he thinks it's pretty sweet.

Thursday, Jim's parents are coming into town which will be so nice! We can't wait to see them! The kids are itching with excitement and we all can't wait to show them our new pad! This Friday is Abbey's clinic/chemo day. We are going to be accompanied by a couple guys from church who will be videoing some of her visit. They are doing a story on our journey for an upcoming video at church and they want to get some footage of her at the hospital. Should be pretty neat!

Well, thanks for checking in on us :). We sure do love all our blogger friends out there and are so excited to walk with you all through these big changes for our family :). I'll update again soon!

(and a few pics, just for the fun of it!)


Cindy Bailey said...

Shelley, Jim is right just do it room by room! I'm doing a little packing myself right now. No we aren't moving, I'm we're having new carpeting and padding installed next Monday the 20th. I've moved a few times and know how overit feels to think you'll never finish. It sounds like you're making good headway. Thanks for the update and the awesome pics. I hope that things go well at Abbey's appointment on Friday! God Bless!~

Beth said...

I don't like packing but for some strange reason I LOVE the unpacking process. There is nothing better then a new home full of promise with clean everything, just waiting to be organized!!

Hope everything goes well for Miss Abbey on Friday, we will keep her in our prayers.


Bethany said...

Your packing experience sounds like how I feel in everyday life...I roam from room to room sometimes with multiple projects in the works. Then later I feel like I have ADHD because I keep walking in circles and then getting distracted from what I was last doing. Haha! I hope that you're not feeling too overwhelmed at this point and that Jim's parents have arrived safely. I'll be thinking about you all weekend during the move and I'll keep praying for things to go smoothly for you all. Hang in there and think of all that you have to look forward to in your new home!! :)