Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hi :)!

I know I've been beyond bad at this lately. If you're still reading you deserve an award for being loyal to us :). I really am going to start posting again on my blog though. I think about doing it often, but then when I have the chance to sit down while the kids are sleeping I always end up watching '24'. If you've watched that series, you know, it's totally addicting!! We have been watching it on Netflix and have been going through each season and it's hard for us to go to bed at night because we want to keep watching. Anyways, I am going to break from that some nights so I can start posting again.

Tonight I'm going to start with a short post to tell you the main things that I think you all are wondering. First, Micah is doing great! He is back to normal... actually feeling better then we can remember him feeling in a long time. Looking back (and also learning what was really going on in his belly all that time) we now realize that he was having discomfort in his stomach pretty much all the time from the cyst putting so much pressure on his intestines. He has been like a new kid since healing from his surgery. He is eating great and is more active then ever. Although we went through a really hard month when it was all happening, we are so thankful that the problem was found and fixed and that Micah doesn't have to go through those stomach issues anymore!

And another great thing to report... Abbey just hit 1 year of being off treatment about a week ago!! Although relapse is rare, they told us that when it does happen it usually happens in the first year. It feels amazing to be past that first year off treatment and to see her doing so well :). This past year we have had to take her to clinic once a month for blood work and exam, and now that we are on year 2 off treatment we start going every other month. It will be nice to have a little more time between visits.

And lastly I wanted to end with a picture that I took a couple days ago of Jim and the kids. I am so blessed by these smiles everyday :). Aren't they getting so big? Don't think I could love them more if I tried!


Cindy Bailey said...

Hi Shelley, thank you for the update. The picture is adorable and my heavens they really are getting so big. I'm glad that Micah is well and also that Abbey has reached another milestone. Take care and just know you still have plenty of fans waiting to read and play catchup on your blogging. God Bless!

Bethany said...

Welcome back :) Can't wait for more posts. I totally understand the 24 addiction though! We are ready to start season 4 here!

Maryellen said...

Great to hear from you and see how well you all are doing.
So happy for Abby and Micah !

Your family sure has been through it and come out as gold!

April said...

SO glad you posted! I was just thinking about you guys the other day and wondering how Micah was! :)

Doing the Life Thing...Gabler Style said...

Yay...love your blog updates and so glad to see your doing them again...although i do love getting the detailed updates in person too:)! Love the pics & all the 'praise' updates!! Life is so good for you guys and im so happy for you!!

Andrea said...

Congratulations Abbey - it must feel great to reach this milestone :)

Glad to hear that Micah is doing well too.

Continued prayers for good health,