Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wanted: A Blog Makeover!

So not bad, eh? 3 posts in just a few days :). I am getting excited about my blog again and I am feeling like I desperately am in need of a blog makeover! A good while back, a reader had offered to give my blog a facelift. At the time we were really busy and I never got back to her with the info that she needed to get started. It may have been during our move or possibly when Caleb was first born or maybe just a normal week raising 4 kids, but whatever it was, we missed that opportunity so I need your help. If you know someone who does blog makeovers or if you yourself do them, could you please leave a comment and tell me either who you are or who you've used? I put a new free background on this one, but I don't think it's cutting it. I'd like a whole new and improved look. So thanks in advance for your help and I look forward to my blog hopefully looking a lot cuter soon!!


April said...

I have a friend that does blog makeovers! Her name is Leslie Lambert, her blog is! But hurry because she is only taking a few more orders before she goes on maternity leave! :)

MFuglseth said...

Masto Mama Chronicles does a great job, check her out here:
You will love your new makeover, she did a great job on mine at:
I love reading your updates!
Take Care,

Nick said...

Awesome :)
When it's time for a new makeover, click my name :) My team of designers can produce any blogspot result in an extremely creative and effective way.

Bethany said...

Lisa From Scratch did mine and her link is on the left side of my blog. She is from this area, is a friend of Amy Ross, and she's trying to start a business doing the blog designs to bring in some money while she is home being mom to her new baby girl. She was wonderful to work with and would even do your design now, then change out the photos later for you when you get those good sun-kissed outdoor ones!

I'm enjoying catching up on your blog tonight. I miss you!!