Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend & Jim's 30th Birthday

We haven't posted anything new for a long time.  We have had a very busy weekend and actually a very busy past few weeks.  Friday night was Jim's surprise 30th birthday party (his actual birthday was Monday).  His parents came into town on Friday and at night Jim thought we were going to a family night fish n chips at my mom's condo club house.  We actually were going to his birthday party which has been an event that I have been planning for the last couple of months.  It turned out to be a fun time honoring Jim with family, friends, food and games.  Unfortunately we don't have any pictures to show for it (as of now) since I forgot to grab our camera on the way out the door.  It was a very stressful couple weeks with the "lies" to get everything done and even getting him there that evening.  We will hopefully get some copies of pictures from the evening to share sometime soon.  I put together a picture slide show of the last 30 years of Jim's life, that we watched the night of the party.  You can watch it by clicking on this link.
We had a nice Easter weekend.  Jim's parents stayed through the weekend and left on Monday.  We enjoyed our time with them.  The weekend went really fast though and we felt like they just got here and had to turn around and go home.  The kids weren't feeling well all weekend though and Saturday night they really seemed to get worse.  By Sunday morning they both were really sick (Jacob was worse than Abbey) so we decided to keep them home Sunday morning with Jim.  I went because I was teaching Sunday School that morning and Jim's parents came to church too.  It was disappointing that we couldn't all go to church as a family on Easter, but that's how it goes sometimes with little kids and sickness.  Easter evening we enjoyed a delicious meal at my mom's and Johns house and played some Bible Trivia.  We had a nice time.
Jacob and Abbey are still pretty sick.  They both have pink eye (we went to the doc Monday and got eye drops) and pretty bad colds.  So far Micah, Jim & I are fine.  We are really praying most of all that Micah doesn't get what they have.  He is so little still and it's hard enough seeing Jake & Abbey so sick.  Well, Happy late Easter to you all.  Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating our risen Savior :)  And.... Happy late 30th Birthday Jim!  You are very loved by many :)  Here are a couple pictures from our weekend.  

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly,
did not know it was Jims Birthday Waynes is the 29th tell Jim Niccie and Wayen said happy Birthday
Love Niccie