Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow!!!

We are having our biggest storm of the season. It started yesterday afternoon and is still coming down strong. They are saying that in total we will get about 20 inches. Jim got an accident call out this morning (today is his day off) so had to shovel/snow blow his way out of the driveway at 8am. He is out there now for a second time today... trying to keep up with what's coming down. The kids and I are staying warm in the house, watching from the window. Jacob went out for about 10 minutes, but was ready to come in since the snow was coming down hard and hitting him in the face. We are a little jealous of the Larson's (Jim's sister and family) who live in Florida and friends of ours, the Gammons who are vacationing there now. I also have to mention our friends the Matheny's who live in North Carolina. They have been enjoying 75 degree weather lately. We are anxiously awaiting the news of the arrival of their first baby (any minute now :) You guys all enjoy while we are snowed in here :) We have to keep reminding ourselves that spring will be here soon (hopefully)... it's Cleveland so you never know!!


The greatest Deputy EVER said...

Did you get a new snow blower?

I thought you've been drinking a lot of protien latley, you could have fulled me with the little amount of snow you were able to shovel at once.....

How the heck does one have such a sever crash in this weather? I was driving with my knee, while eating and typing on my MDT at the same time and I had no problems!!!!!!!!

Bekesz would never make it at LCSO!!!

Before I drive all the way to church Sunday, They are still having services right?

Micah looks great!

The Gammons Family said...

We are back from Florida now, trying to get reacclimated to the cold. I remember when we were at Taylor, when we would come back from Spring Break the weather would be getting warmer and you could keep your shorts out. We have put our shorts and t-shirts back in storage and are resigned to the fact that they won't see the light of day for at least a month or two. Good luck with the snow!


john larson said...


It was sunny and 75 here today, as Emily and Ben and I sat and watched a spring training game between Atlanta and Detroit.

Thought you should know.